Gross motor skills, muscle tone, physical fitness, two ball sports and various activities enhancing hand eye coordination and brain development are compiled into one action-packed 35 minute class. This fun and positive learning experience will help the child develop the basic fundamentals of sports as well as instilling self-confidence, good sportsmanship and team pride.
Our mission as instructors is to increase every students awareness of his or her athletic ability and self esteem through discipline, respect, and motivation. Martial Arts Training increases pride in accomplishments, independent thinking, responsibility, tolerance, enthusiasm towards challenges, sense of purpose, confidence, resourcefulness, activity, energy, and spontaneity.
Cranium Kids specializes in the education and enrichment of preschoolers. Our goal is to use CAI, Computer Assisted Instruction, as a tool to extend concepts learned in the classroom. We use CAI to support math, science, reading, beginning phonics, logic, reasoning, and pre-literacy skills.
Shepherd Music Experience began providing music classes for preschool aged children in 1998. In 2003 they introduced small groups to the program. We believe every child is musical by nature and seek to bring your child's natural and intuitive skills to the world of music.Their approach utilizes your child's innate aural abilities to build musical growth and enjoyment.Shepard Music Experience offers lessons in Keyboard/piano. Each class is designed for three students. Each student gets their own instrument for use during lessons. Four 30-minute lessons per month.
Our Ballet and creative movement class is a developmental dance class specifically designed for ages 3-12. We work on Ballet posture, balance, coordination, and technique, and we make dance fun by adding creative movements and sing a long songs!Our primary objective is improving the level of fitness in our dancers and teaching them the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the perils of inactivity. We will host a performance recital at the end of the semester for family and friends.
Developmentally appropriate curriculum that emphasizes creative play, enjoyment of sport, and character building lessons. Sessions range from 30-40 minutes in length. Soccer Shots sessions are developmentally appropriate and filled with lots of energy, skill development, and fun! Each week we have a specific theme, and our instructors take great pride in having your child learn something new about soccer while having fun and getting lots of exercise.
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