6 Weeks – 24 Months
Start Your Baby Off on the Right Foot Before They Ever Learn to Crawl
Building the Foundation for Future Success
The Learning Environment
Healthy development at the earliest stages is what builds the foundation for your baby's future success. Our Lighthouse BRIGHT® classrooms are focused on individual, relational care to help create the building blocks for early learning. In Children's Lighthouse schools, we foster the joy of learning by providing small class sizes where your little one experiences a personal connection and can discover their new world in a nurturing and safe environment.
The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out.
Bill Gates, Sr
Activities Rich in Higher Thinking Skills to Develop a Lifelong Love of Learning
The Curriculum
During the infant years, your baby's brain is developing rapidly. The Lighthouse BRIGHT® program has been formulated through research-based developmental theories embedded in every activity to build healthy brains. Higher-thinking skills are supported through a curriculum rich in language and tailored to your child's individual needs to support a lifelong love of learning. This integrated development will help your baby form critical thinking skills and build upon those skills as they grow.
Developing Skills to Move from Infancy to Toddlerhood
Skills Development
An early focus on physical, social emotional, language, and cognitive development paves the way to toddlerhood. Additionally, our toddler curriculum incorporates specific gross- and fine-motor development and self-help skills to prepare for preschool.
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