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Please enjoy some reviews from our current and past parents. If you would like to add one to this site please feel free to email it to the school and we will post here.

From The Andersons

Dear Sanders Family:
I am writing a letter to tell you how important Children's Lighthouse of Mag Creek has been to my family. First of all, both my son and daughter have attended school with you from the moment you all opened your doors in 2006; Hunter being in your before and after school program and Mollie being your first infant at your facility. I had never placed Hunter in childcare, but with Mollie I had made the choice to try it. Over the past couple of years, Mollie has blossomed into a beautiful young lady who will be attending your Private Kindergarten next year. Mollie loves going to school everyday and has been exposed to some of the most wonderful staff a parent could want in their child' education. Your teachers have taught her to try her best, . . . and to absolutely love learning! Hunter has enjoyed the before and after school program where he has made new friendships, always had his homework completed by the time I pick him up (not rushed through, but checked thoroughly by his childcare teacher!), and most of all not just "babysat", but taught extra curriculum about science and social studies. Plus, he thinks his after school teachers rock!

Children's Lighthouse has provided my family with a nurturing environment that demonstrates that kids come first, manners are important! Children's Lighthouse has essentially become my family because I have allowed them to light my children's future and I am proud that I have made the choice to not only start at Children's Lighthouse, but give your loving staff the opportunity to make my children smile everyday.

Thanks for being there for my Hunter and Mollie, but most of all thanks for being there for a parent who was a little nervous at first- having not been part of a daycare program many years ago to a confident parent now. Thanks for always continuing to show me that you will do "whatever it takes" to make my kids successful!

Chris and Mary Anderson

From the Dodds

We have been sending our 2 boys here since Jan 2015, and will be sending our future children here as well! What an amazing place, my kids love their teachers, hug them at drop off /pick up, and to see that from a 13 month old everyday just gives my momma heart the assurance it needs to entrust my children’s social and educational well-being in their hands! The splash pad is fantastic during the summers,and their playgrounds are covered! Yesterday I signed off on my 4year old’s official kindergarten readiness assessment, and I was so full of joy to see he had received check marks for “mastery” in every single area of his social/emotional skills. He has come so far, is respectful of his teachers & classmates, and has developed the self discipline to stay on task..as a parent I owe my gratitude to these Children’s Lighthouse teachers in all his pre-k levels. 

Thank you so much for what you do!

Erica Dodd

From the Orlandos

I can not say enough GREAT things about this school. Yes, I consider it school, not just a daycare. My son has been enrolled here for almost 2 years now and I can proudly say that he will be more than ready to enter Kindergarten next fall. This facility is a second home. The administration as well as the teachers are loving and genuinely care about each child's safety and education. It is always clean and bright and the employees are always smiling. I love Children's Lighthouse and would most definitely recommend this SCHOOL to anyone who wants the best for their child!

From the Amans

I absolutely love this place!  Everyone there is so kind and very professional.  My daughter has been going there for almost a year now, and at first it was a tough transition but with their help she now loves going. They also offer video monitoring in the classroom so I can check on her any time and they use Kidreports so I can see what she has done during the day. I would recommend everyone to go there.

From the Robles

I took my three year old here from a previous daycare because she was always getting sick.  I know the hundreds of people that have told me, "Oh, it's daycare, kids get sick."  My child was sick non-stop from last August until January, when I finally pulled her out.  I toured Children's Lighthouse in Mag Creek and instantly fell in love!!  And so did my child!  The staff are all super friendly and I love the fact that it is a "school" based.  My three year old has learned so much there in just a few short months.  And get this, she is hardly EVER sick.  They take pride in their jobs and it shows.  Each and every day.

From the Koneshecks

Our two daughters have attended Children’s Lighthouse Mag Creek since they were 3 months old. As new parents, it can be an emotional time to leave your child to return to work. With both of our daughters, we were welcomed with open arms and made to feel extremely comfortable. Over the past 4 years, our children have grown in their learning and also in their character. They are supported to reach their full potential as young children, express excitement in their learning and enjoy their teachers. Children’s Lighthouse Mag Creek has been a blessing for our family and truly impacted our children.

From the McDougals

Dear Children’s Lighthouse Family,
You are ALL family to us! Though our time at the building known as
Children’s Lighthouse Mag Creek (CLMC) has come to an end, we are NOT
saying goodbye to the wonderful family members we’ve gained in the
people that have cared for, nurtured, befriended and loved Connor and
Cailyn (better known as Connor Wonnor and Cay Cay - nicknames they
received from all of you and have pretty much become their new names)!

We chose to enroll our children at CLMC because of you, the loving
people that we knew would care for our children as if they were your
own! You surpassed our expectations and continually proved that our
decision was absolutely right. We are so thankful to God that we found
you! Through the tough times and the happy times, you ensured that our
little ones were learning to be great kids; respecting others,
listening, making good choices, sharing, helping, being responsible,
learning from mistakes and (our favorite) showing love! There are so
many more and they’ve learned ALL of them from YOU! Though we
continued to teach the same things at home, we know that they were in
your care longer than they were in ours. Learning those wonderful
traits could not have come solely from home. Please let that be a
testament for the great work that you ALL do, day in and day out, for
EVERY SINGLE CHILD that is lucky enough to be placed under your
care!!! We will, and already do, MISS YOU ALL!

This is not ‘goodbye’ from the McDougal Family though! Not by any
means! We’ll be coming by to say hello and reminisce for sure! And we
know we’ll be received with open arms... just like a family reunion!!!
This is only a simple ‘Thank You’ for the outstanding work that you’ve
done and will continue to do throughout the days, weeks and years to

May God bless you all and again, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!

With Love,
Connor Wonnor, Cay Cay, Cory and Christy

From the Jeters

Caden’s last day was yesterday and we just wanted to say thank you for everything! He had a wonderful experience and I was able to go to work and not be worried at all because I knew he was in great hands. I just wanted to say thank you and I have already been telling other people I know to take their children to y’all! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Thank you so much again.

Katelyn Jeter

From the Reeds

Oh my goodness! Thank you so much!!!
I cannot even begin to express our sincere gratitude & love for our Lighthouse family. I was so emotional about Tyler aging out and reflecting on how much you have cared for all of us, Bobby & I included, for over a decade. You’ve in fact watched us grow up too. We greatly appreciate all you’ve done for the boys and how you have treated our family. You’ll always have a special place in our hearts & we’ll be back to visit.
Thank you for making our “big” boy transitions as easy as possible, we greatly appreciate it!
Much love, Jen & Bobby Reed
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