Ms. Monica, Director

I have been working in the early childhood profession for over 20 years. I have to admit that all of the education I received, no book or professor could ever replace the many years of experience I have received over the years. I started out as a teacher working with school age kids and fell in love with the job. What other occupation could you work at, get paid for painting, playing with blocks, playing outside and interacting with children all day long???? I was hooked instantly, as I got older I found a new passion. The infant room.... I opened up an infant room for a large corporation back in 1991 and found yet another age group that took a part of my heart. As the years went on I got into the management position because I am a talker and l love to talk to people. I worked for the same company for over 15 years then I wanted to further my career and become a trainer. This was a new adventure for me, I had a passion to share my experiences with others. I had an opportunity to become a field trainer and orientate all new staff before they got into a classroom. This was good for me because I got a chance to give new staff a crash course in survival 101 as a new teacher. After a year the company merged and I decided it was time for me to search out my new path. I was taken to the public school where I was a substitute teacher and helped at a local church owned center. That was a very new path for me, I very much appreciate all of our public school teachers but realized substitute teaching was not for me. I found myself missing the early childhood field and being a director. So..... my new path has brought me here at Childrens Lighthouse. I find myself a better leader and director because of all my experience. I am only as good as my weakest teacher, I build my management team to be independent not dependent and my job is to make sure that every child has a chance to be a success. I look forward to many years ahead as the light shines me to my path.

Mrs. Tonya Sanders, Owner

Tonya has over 17 years experience in the legal field. She has managed two successful mid-sized law firms handling not only day-to-day operations but marketing as well. Tonya is a graduate from the University of Houston of Clear Lake.
Tonya has spent many years researching the child care industry and taking childcare college classes in hopes of opening her own center one day. She believes children are the most precious gifts entrusted to us. She strives to create a loving, encouraging and secure environment for children to learn, experiment, explore and succeed. Her philosophy is to "Do It the Right Way and Be the Best You Can Be." Tonya feels the children, families and staff are an extended part of her own family.

Mrs. Cindy Kotrady, Owner

Cindy is a Registered Nurse with over 35 years experience. Cindy also has significant educational experience, including elementary schools, as well as teaching college level courses. Cindy gained valuable managerial experience while employed as a Hospital Nursing Supervisor. Cindy and her husband, Don, started up a successful Childrens Lighthouse Learning Center, which is still in existence.

Mr. Donald Kotrady, Owner

Don retired from an executive position in the Pharmaceutical industry. Don also has 30+ years experience in multinational chemical plant management, engineering and manufacturing plant construction and startups. Don and his wife, Cindy, built and started up a successful Childrens Lighthouse Learning Center which is still in operation.