Construction Progress - Now Open!
Children's Lighthouse of Kyle officially opened on April 9th, 2024!  We are so happy to finally welcome all the families who have followed us during this process.  Thank you!

If interested in touring our facility or getting enrolled, please give us a call or complete a tour form.  We can't wait to meet you!
Construction has continued over the last several weeks.  While we did hit some delays on our parking lot setup and exterior building work, all that work is now completed.  

Current progress:
  • Fencing and landscaping is completed
  • Parking lot is completed - paint stripping to take place Friday March 1
  • Cert of Occupancy inspections happen next week March 4/5
  • Childcare licensing application is in process
  • Classrooms are getting setup - see sneak peak below 
  • Our teachers are identified - about half were able to see the building and get a walk through of our classroom setup

We are quite close to completion and opening at this point -
- All enrolled families will be given adequate time to end their current childcare arrangements and transition to us.  We are providing frequent updates on timing to those families.  
- We still have some slots available in our older classrooms for those looking to transition or for summer/ fall options.  
Example of one our learning centers for the preschool age room - the Library.
Another learning center for the Children's Lighthouse of Kyle preschool age room with a focus on Science.
Children's Lighthouse of Kyle is getting closer to it's opening day!

Current Progress:

We are finishing up the interior of our building (pictures below!). We have a few internal inspections pending.  Our critical path item is a fire water line and parking lot area requiring re-work.  As of December 11, we expect forward progress on this in the next week. We have communicated to our registered and waitlisted families to expect an opening in mid-Jan.  While we can't commit to this date, we do share it so that families can plan accordingly until we do open.  We are so grateful to our founding families and the patience/ support they have shown to us during our construction process.  

Completed Items:

  • Furniture delivery for classrooms, learning materials all delivered
  • Kitchen equipment is delivered and setup – we have a full industrial kitchen to serve all meals!
  • Playground equipment is installed (Splashpad still pending) 
  • Telecom, internet, and phone/ comms systems are completed 
  • Hiring – we have extended verbal offers to all lead teachers, and identified candidates for assistant, floater teachers, and our whole management staff.  Our teachers tell us weekly how excited they are to get started.

Our vision is to be the best preschool in Hays County by having the best facilities and equipment, the best management, teachers & staff, and the most supportive families.  Your ongoing support, patience, and feedback help us achieve this goal.  Every action we take is geared to achieving this goal.  
Empty classroom - pending inspections, a good cleaning, and furniture setup. We have a nice, modern classroom - with bright and spacious classrooms, designated learning areas, and safety features built in.
All our educational supplies have been delivered - the amount of material we have to support our curriculum is incredible.
We have 3 playgrounds for kids of each age group to enjoy.
Children's Lighthouse of Kyle is currently anticpating a December 2023 opening.  

  • Interior work is nearly complete - pending some final plumbing and fire work 
  • Exterior - we are stilling working on the fire line and parking lot in the front of the building.  Playground is expected to start first week of November.  
  • Fencing and landscaping will also start in November 


  • We have made verbal offers to most of our managemement staff and lead teachers - we are super excited about the staff we have joining our school.

Children's Lighthouse of Kyle - new sign
Cubbies for one of our classrooms
Ms. Janna smiling from her office.
Childrens LightHouse Kyle - construction is nearing completion. We have the newest preschool in Kyle, TX!
Childrens LightHouse Kyle has 10 spacious and bright classrooms to support all ages from infants to schoolers.
The newest preschool in Kyle, TX is nearing completion!  We are still anticipating a Fall 2023 opening.  We have started formally registering families to start with us on our day 1 and are filling up quickly!

The founding families of Children's Lighthouse of Kyle have been amazing to work with and have provided so much support as we build this community together.  We have done events in Hometown Kyle, Kyle Market Days, Silverado Neighborhood, the Kyle Pie in the Sky Festival and more.  Be on the look out for our bus in the City of Kyle Founder's Parade!

The exterior of our building is mostly complete -  We have some paint pending on the trim and exterior doors.  The bright and modern facade on the building turned out amazing!

The interior drywall and paint has also completed.  The crew has completed most of the flooring and tile work.  Over the next week we expect the acoustic ceiling tiles to get placed.

Our cabinetry is set to get installed in the first week of October.  Playground prep work is underway and playgrounds should get installed shortly as well.

All classroom furniture and equipment has been ordered as well and on track for a November install.  This is when our facility turns from a building into a school and we can't wait!

We still have some spaces available in our older classrooms when we open - give us a call today to find out more!
Our construction crews braved the heat and continued to make great progress on the facility.  Most of our exterior stone and stucco work is now complete - we have a beautiful looking building!  Internally, the team finished up all the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing rough ins.  Our building is also wired for parent cameras (a feature many of the parents have been asking for!)

Drywall is just getting started as well.  This is a key step for us and we expect construction to move quickly through the next several phases with flooring, cabinetry, lighting, and fixture work.  

We have had several opportunities through community events to meet with school leadership (Janna as the Director and Brad as the owner).  For those who have submitted pre-enrollment information - you should be getting weekly or bi-weekly emails with updates and more opportunities.  We will also shortly communicate opportunities to do a pre-construction complete tour of the school.  Be on the look out!

For families not yet on our pre-enrollment list - please register today.  We have started officially taking enrollment information from families and classrooms are already filling up.  We will operate on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED basis - so give us a call today.
Children's Lighthouse Kyle - Preschool opening in Fall 2023.
In July, most of the construction effort was focused on interior mechanicals, electrical, plumbing, sprinkler systems, and low voltage like wireless internet and our featured parent cameras.  Outside of the building, the team was hard at work getting our electrical connection and Internet service ready to go.  

We hope to see great progress as these complex activities start to wrap up.  We're super excited for our stone and exterior paint to start this month!  We expect drywall in the next couple weeks as well.

Beyond the construction of the facility, we've been busy at work behind the scenes preparing to welcome families.  We've hired a fantastic and experienced Center Director to lead us to be the best preschool in Hays, TX!  

We have contacted every family that has provided us their pre-enrollment information with more detailed next steps.  We still have space available if your family is interested in attending Children's Lighthouse of Kyle in the Fall.  Give us a call or send us an email to learn more.
Children's Lighthouse Kyle has continued construction in June.  We raised the prominent lighthouse feature to the top of our facility.  

Our team continues to work hard on the utilities, internal mechanical, electrical, and plumbing.  We still are targeting to open in Fall 2023.  Our goal is to be the best preschool in Kyle, TX.  That all starts with a beautiful, safe, and fun facility!  Our 3 playgrounds and splash pads are all ordered and set to be installed later this summer.  

Check back for more updates or follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see more frequent updates.  You can submit a pre-enrollment form to get on our mailing list and be informed of our progress as we get closer to our opening day.
Front windows and the framing for the facility have made great progress in May.  Later this month we will start our internal mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work.

Once drywall goes in, we will be able to a more defined opening date.  In the meantime - you still still pre-enroll to share your information with us and get on our contact lists.  
Childrens Lighthouse Kyle - premier preschool under construction.
Our foundation work is completed.  Our construction crews will work next on getting our parking lot ready and in May we will start the framing process.  We are still targeting to open in Fall 2023.  To get on our mailing lists, be sure to submit a Pre-Enrollment form today.
Foundation for Children's Lighthouse Kyle is being poured.
Foundation for Children's Lighthouse Kyle is completed.
Our excavation and utility work is completed.  The team is prepping the ground for the foundation and getting ready to pour concrete.  Children's Lighthouse Kyle is currently targeting  to open in Fall 2023.  We will continue to provide timing updates as we move through our construction process.  Check back for more up to date information each month.
Foundation being framed out for Children's Lighthouse Kyle Early Learning Center
In February we began our construction process for Children's Lighthouse Kyle at 1190 Veterans Drive - right across from Hometown Kyle.  Soon enough this empty field will be the future site of our brand new early learning center! 
Children's Lighthouse Kyle - future site at 1190 Veterans Drive, Kyle TX
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