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Ages 6 Weeks to 12 Years
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What Parents Are Saying About Us
I love the curriculum. I love that my 2 year old can have conversations on letters and I can expand his knowledge at home with what the letter of the week starts with. For example on the week of the letter W we talked about how Water, Wet, and White started with W during bath time. His knowledge of colors finally caught on once he started here as well. I love how all of the teachers are so personable even if they don't have the kids in their class every day, they still welcome my child and make him feel special. I love how he is socializing and getting comfortable around his peers. It makes all other play dates go way smoother than before he started here. His conflict resolution has improved and he throws less temper tantrums.
Katy, TX
Teacher/staff are wonderful. The children are well behaved which has really shown with my child. My child has learned SO SO much. They actually teach the children. the environment/classroom/material are excellent for the children to develop in all areas.
houston, TX
Our child is learning every day and is recognizing letters at 2 years old and there sounds.
Katy, TX
I love Children's Lighthouse because they meet the needs of my family. The staff are great, the building is clean and safe, and they have a fabulous educational program. Their curriculum encourages exploration, good communication skills and engages in fun-filled learning activities from the time they are an infant.
Salina B
Dallas, TX
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