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Please enjoy some reviews from our current and past parents. If you would like to add one to this site please feel free to email it to the school and we will post here.

From Shawn P.

I just wanted to take a moment to give the teachers in Room 5 some much deserved praise.
Connor has been with them for about a year now, and in that year I have seen so much change in him and all for the good. And I know it is all thanks to Ms. Brenda, Ms. Kelsey, and Ms. Kristin.
When I moved Connor to Children’s Lighthouse, it was a very hard decision for me, because, for the most part I was happy with the school he was at. A year later, I can say that I am so very glad that I made the decision that I did because he has flourished under these three wonderful ladies care. Every day he is coming home and surprising us more, with the words he knows and the things he says. Even a “thank you” and a “you’re welcome” pop out every once in a while to leave us flabbergasted J!
When he goes to bed at night he talks about which teachers he will be spending his time with the next day, and I can tell how much he cares about them by how he talks about the time he spends with them. As you know we moms take a special appreciation to anyone who gives our kids the attention, respect and love that we know they need, and deserve. Ms. Brenda, Ms. Kelsey, and Ms. Kristin exemplify everything that I want my child to have in a teacher and I will so miss them when he moves to his next class.
I just wanted you both to know just how wonderful these teachers are, and how very much I appreciate the time that they take to show my son just how much they care.
Thank you,
Shawn S. Ploe

From Joy P.

Hi there...
My name is Joy Preston and I enrolled my son Anthony (age 4) at your daycare about three months ago. My parents reside in the Alamo Ranch area so that's how we found out about your daycare. I used to teach myself and am currently a probation officer for Bexar County.
I would like to say that I have placed my son at Countryhome prior and he made himself ill and was miserable everyday he had to attend. The staff was miserable (informed me personally) and the administrators were unpersonable with me.
Can I say that each day that my son has gone to your daycare, he has been so different? Although he hates to be away from me (probably out of fear for losing me also), after a few minute/or little longer, he gets involved in the class. The staff is caring, genuine and so loving. Not one staff member I've run into is unhappy and/or seems unhappy. Everyone greets you when you come in daily-not only with us but other parents as I've observed. It's the greatest feeling that you know your child is being taken care of.
I do want to add that my husband passed away from cancer (age 29) in March 2009, so Anthony at times does cry when at the daycare, but this is because of what we are going through emotionally. I know how miserable he was at the other place, and this is a huge change for both of us...
I would like to say the majority of the staff I encounter and would like to really thank for going out of their way for us in being extra nice are his teacher Amy, Angelica, Julie, Samantha (our cheerleader I call her....always in good spirits) -Asst Direc, and Christina (administrator).
This is the greatest place and I am going to praise them non-stop . Thank you for making this daycare such a great place!!!!!!

Shawna Knight

I just wanted to shoot a quick email saying how happy Aiden has been since we have come back to CLH. When he was there a few years ago, it just seem like the front desk was not on the same page and it went down to the class rooms and how they were running. Aiden loves his teachers and just seems to wake up and want to come into daycare. Something we weren't getting during the last month or so with Country Home ...
Thank you again and Heather/Emily are GREAT too!
Shawna Knight
CSS National Operations Director

From The Hairston Family

Good afternoon Julie,
I just want to say what a pleasant experience it is having Lindsay as Jaden's teacher in room 6. She is always so friendly. Every time we enter the room she smiles and says "Good Morning" and always asks how our weekend or vacation, etc. was. She seems like she truly cares about the kids and that makes me happy. Lindsay also comes across as very patient. I have never heard her "lose it" with any of the kids and I truly appreciate that. Every time I walk in the classroom she is always doing something productive and has everything under control. It is a very hard job she has and she is doing a great job! Jaden talks about her when he's not in school and always says good things about his day. I hope you will share this with her because she deserves to know what a great job she is doing.
Thanks in advance,
The Hairstons'

From The Rodriguez Family

Mrs. Hilda-Room 3
Thank you for taking such great care of our daughter!
-Rodriguez Family

From Rachelle L.

Mrs. Amy-Room 8
As you know, the first time in daycare, and away from their parents, is difficult for any child. Thank you for helping Catherine (Catie) adjust to this next stepping stone in her life! I look forward to hearing about all the adventures she'll continue to experience.
Rachelle Lopez
Mrs. Gretchen, Ms. Brenda & Ms. Kristin-Room 5
For a two year old who's never been away from mommy & daddy, this has been a scary couple of weeks! (As you "hear" every morning)
It doesn't take long, once he's there, to calm down and feel safe. I enjoy going to pick him up knowing I'll be greeted by smiles and someone who can tell me how his day was and answer my questions!
Thank you very much for making this transition for my son, Zachary, easier than it would have been had I taken him anywhere else! I cannot express how appreciative I am!
Rachelle Lopez

Ceniceros Family

We came to the Children's Lighthouse after we lost our longtime homecare provider. We were hesitant about placing our 2 and 3 year old in a center because of preconceived ideas that our kids would not get the level of love and attention they deserved. We could not have been more wrong.
CLHAR is a top-notch facility in every sense of the word. It was important that our kids learn more than just phonics and math skills, and the A Beka curriculum taught is built on a foundation of academic excellence and character values. CLHAR focuses on the whole child and encourages parent involvement by providing day sheets and challenging parents to open a dialogue with their children about their day.
The teachers have a sincere love for each of their students and it makes our experience as a CLHAR family a pleasure. We leave our children each day with absolute confidence and peace of mind. I have already referred two families to CLHAR and will continue to do so. The office staff and the teachers are positive, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and above all professional and courteous.
The Ceniceros Family

Marissa Ramon

My husband and I personally love Children's Lighthouse. It is close to home and works perfectly with our work schedules. I am glad that our child is not waiting forever to be picked up from school to be taken to the learning center. I am pleased that the facility is all about curriculum. My child's homework is done everyday by
the time she is picked up, since homework is the #1 priority, and is one of the first things done when arriving. I couldn't be happier. The staff knows my child by her first name and she feels comfortable with them. On top of that they have direct deposit! No more cash and checks. My child loves this place and doesn't think twice
about her last daycare. She is looking forward to summer camp as well in the summer. Thank you Children's Lighthouse for making my daily routine a smooth ride every single day. I appreciate all of your hard work, and for allowing me to have Parent's Night Out once a month, because we all know all parents need it!