The Learning Wall
Benefits of Focusing on Nature in Learning
From the outside looking in, a pre-school classroom can look like random, fun activities. What many may not realize is that the design of the lessons, activities, and even topics are carefully... Keep Reading
Teaching Kindness to Young Children
While learning their ABC’s and 123’s is an important part of education for young children, growing in their socio-emotional development is just as essential. Research shows that children who are... Keep Reading
Teacher Appreciation Week
Monday, May 8th through Friday, May 12th is National Teacher Appreciation Week! It is the week that parents all over acknowledge and appreciate the impact that teachers have on their young ones each... Keep Reading
Product vs. Process Art
Bella, 4 years old, sits at the kitchen table waiting for her mom to get out the art supplies for the art activity for the day. Her mom brings the gathered supplies to the table and tells her... Keep Reading
Math is Everywhere!
Math skills are vital for a strong academic foundation. While many parents know of the importance of literacy skills in future academic progress, math skills for preschoolers are just as important as... Keep Reading
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