Allie and Hung Lam have been happily married for over 20 years and are raising two beautiful daughters, Madison and Mackenzie. Allie met Hung while attending the University of Houston together. They both graduated from the university with Bachelors of Science in Engineering.
After completing her studies, Allie Lam began a long career in microwave radio technology (cellular infrastructure) with a local engineering and production company. She spent all of her professional career at this company, spanning capacities as an engineer, engineering manager, product manager and project manager. In her capacities in management, she managed over 20 engineers and was responsible for several products, from concept specification, engineering design to production.
Hung Lam also began his engineering career with local Houston companies, mainly in the oil and gas industry. Hung's experience also spanned from engineering design to management. In his current capacity, Hung is managing the local manufacturing facility of a national oil drilling company.
It is in their role as parents that Allie and Hung have been the most passionate, and because of this passion in seeing that the best care and education are available to all children, Hung and Allie set out to become a part of the Children's Lighthouse family. The child development philosophy and curriculum offered from the Children's Lighthouse corporation coincide with what Allie and Hung envisioned.
On August of 2011, the Lams proudly opened their second Children's Lighthouse center in the Houston area. Allie Lam is now a full-time on-site owner, ensuring that the vision of quality early childhood development is being implemented.
Allie and Hung Lam invite all parents who also share the vision of quality teachers, quality curriculum and quality facility to visit our premier center the Children's Lighthouse at Wood Creek Reserve.
Ms. Brittany has over 12 years of experience in early childhood education, including teaching  two year old's for 2 1/2 years and being a curriculum specialist for 4 years.  Ms. Brittany began her career at Children's Lighthouse-WoodCreek Reserve in 2015 as the administrative assistant, then assistant director, and now, Center Director. She received her Directors Certification from The Greater Houston Christian Childcare Association and is licensed through the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services for Childcare Centers. Ms. Brittany is also a member of the Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society In Education.  In her free time Ms. Brittany finds joy in supporting charitable organizations which fund breast cancer research, Alzheimer's research, and pediatric oncology. She also loves to travel, watch basketball, and attend award shows such as the Grammy's.
Ms. Esmeralda has over ten years of experience in early childhood education. She began her career at Children's Lighthouse-WoodCreek Reserve in 2016 as the lead teacher in our Pre-K program. She remained in this position for 2 years and then joined the management team as the administrative assistant. She enjoys this position, as she gets to display her love for mentoring and encouraging other teachers. Mrs. Esmeralda is happily married and has 2 beautiful children.
Ms. Jonay has over ten years of experience in early childhood education, teaching infancy-2 years old. She began her career at Children's Lighthouse-WoodCreek Reserve in 2015 as the lead teacher in our Pre-K 2 classroom. She remained in this position for 1 year before joining the management team. As the curriculum specialist, Ms. Jonay is involved in all aspects of Children's Lighthouse curriculum-from developing and supervising teachers on curriculum, clarifying curriculum delivery expectations, and daily schedule implementation, to assisting the management team in putting together all our AWESOME events!
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