Are you ready for your school-age child to be challenged? Come tour our location and get the inside scoop on our new, exclusive after-school program. Your child will conquer the Mind Quest Path, earn Cog Badges, and become a Quest Master in this exciting STREAM-based program for students from Kindergarten to 12 years old. Get ready... xSTREAM Quest is here!
Choose Your Mission Type
xSTREAM Quest has four different mission types for your quester to choose: Solo Challenge, Team Challenge, Outdoor Challenge, and Community Challenge.
Choose Your Challenge
xSTREAM Quest is based on Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, and Math/Games. Choose your challenge and use your Quest Chronicle to chart the journey. Quest Guides (Teachers) are available to assist as Questers take control of their missions.
Execute Your Mission
Each mission is designed to challenge, educate, and entertain. Questers use critical thinking skills to solve problems, create inventions, and serve the community - all while having fun!
Earn Cool Badges
After the mission is complete, Questers submit their Quest Chronicle to earn specific Cog Badges they collect. Earn enough badges and become a Challenge Master, a Cog Master, and ultimately a Quest Master!
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