The Lighthouse Learning Wall
Family Nature Walks
As the temperature continues to warm up, the flowers start blooming, and everyone begins to get out of the house to enjoy the great outdoors, families should take the opportunity to do nature walks.... Keep Reading
Self Care for Parents in New Covid Norm
Self care was a big topic for everyone at the beginning of Covid when the world seemed to turn upside down and everyone was unsure of any normalcy in life. With families stuck inside of houses in... Keep Reading
5 Senses: Too Much, Too Little
The world is an amazing place for children. Young children learn primarily through their senses the first five years of their life.  Children experience new and interesting things every day that... Keep Reading
St. Patrick's Day with Children's Lighthouse
March is here and that means St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner! The holiday brings so much excitement for kids as they get decked out in their green attire and celebrate Irish culture.... Keep Reading
Dyslexia in Children
Most parents know and value the impact reading has on their child. Parents should begin reading to their children as babies/toddlers and continue throughout their preschool years and elementary... Keep Reading
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