The Lighthouse Learning Wall
April’s Showers Bring…. Booms of Anxiety
Thunderstorms in spring can be a source of fear and anxiety for young children, as the loud noises, bright flashes of lightning, and unpredictable nature of storms can be scary and overwhelming. It... Keep Reading
How to Teach Your Children to Appreciate All Foods
Getting children to love all foods has been a mystery to me through my parenting, teaching, and now grand parenting years. My first child spoiled me by eating EVERYTHING! For a foodie family, having... Keep Reading
Adventures in Toddler Wrangling
Ah, teaching toddlers. It's like herding cats, but with more sticky fingers and less regard for personal space. This month the CharacterValue at Children’s Lighthouse is Humor. So, I thought I... Keep Reading
Benefits of Allowing Kids to Work Out Problems
Preschool is a crucial stage in a child's development, laying the foundation for their social, emotional, and cognitive skills. While it may be tempting for adults to intervene and solve every... Keep Reading
The Benefits of Outdoor Winter Play
As winter sets in and temperatures drop, it's tempting to keep the family indoors, bundled up in cozy blankets, and sipping hot cocoa. However, stepping outside into the crisp, cold air can offer a... Keep Reading
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