What Our Children Are Thankful For
November 15, 2021

We try to be grateful for everything we have all year round. This time of year allows us to focus and reflect on what we’re thankful for. The past year has been filled with its fair share of ups and downs for everyone, but we know we still have plenty to be grateful for — and so do the children at Children’s Lighthouse!

As part of our #ThankfulThursday campaign, We asked the children from Children’s Lighthouse schools across the country what they were thankful for and boy, did they deliver! From monster trucks to family, our children sure know how to keep things in perspective. Read on to find out what they’re grateful for and how they show their gratitude.

What are you thankful for? 

“My birthday balloons!” - Emma, age 5

“Mommy and daddy, eating food, love, all of my grandmas and granddads, Amara my baby sister, toys, play tent, books and dollies.” - Abeni Elizabeth, age 4

“For my books.” - Silas, age 3

“Food.” - Maxwell, age 4

“Everything!” - Mia, age 8

“Getting to go to Legoland for my birthday!” - Calvin, age 4

“Mommy and Daddy.” - Amelia, age 4

 “My family — especially my little brother.” - Hayden, age 10

“My monster truck from my grandma!” - LG, age 4

“My teachers!” - Jacob, age 3

How do you show your gratitude? 

“By helping and being good.” - Sophia, age 8

“I listen to my teachers.” - Jacob, age 3

“I give them hugs.” - Calliope, age 5

“I say thank you!” - Amelia, age 4

He doesn’t know, “I’m only six!” - Dearryon, age 6

“By helping my grandma.” - Paloma, age 3

“I make a thank you card!” - LJ, age 4

From all of us at Children’s Lighthouse, happy Thanksgiving! Whether you choose to make thank you cards, help in the kitchen as you prepare for a holiday feast, or show your love through hugs like Calliope, be sure to tell your loved ones you’re thankful for them this year.

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