Technology and Children

Rebecca Harris, Early Education Writer   •   April 3, 2019

Technology is a big part of almost everything we do in the world today. Some find it disheartening, while others see technology as an asset in their lives. Either way, there’s no denying technology’s presence in all of our daily lives. When it comes to our children, it can be difficult to find the line of how much technology we should allow them to have and at what age. Here are some beneficial ways to let children get comfortable with technology without letting it be too much.

There are many digital outlets that can be interactive tools in helping children learn and stretch their creativity. Touch screen devices can allow children to interact with programs that promote hands-on learning. Children pick up on how to operate these devices remarkably fast. It’s inevitable that they will use devices similar to these as they get older, so introducing one now allows them to be proficient in it later. Programs that help them learn things like numbers, letters and colors can be fun and very educational. These programs actually engage children.

Technology can also grant access to things on the go that otherwise would be hard to accomplish. A good example is books. Apps and e-readers give children access to books wherever they may be, whether in a doctor’s office or a grocery store. Devices also can be used for music that can lighten a mood, help put a child to sleep or get your child dancing when they need to get some energy out. These resources, along with educational apps, can benefit a child’s learning if used in moderation.

While there are many benefits in giving children access to technology, there can be problems if it’s too prominent in their lives. Studies have shown that children who are constantly exposed to digital media have problems focusing and controlling their emotions.  Little steps in managing your child’s screen time can make a huge difference in finding the line between benefiting from digital media and being overcome by it. Try to limit your child’s screen time to two hours per day. This includes everything from watching television to playing games on a screen. Help make connections with your child about the content they’re viewing on the screen. If no one is watching the television, instead of having it on in the background, just turn it off.

Technology and digital resources can be very beneficial to young children as long as they are taken in with moderation. Using educational apps that captivate children in growing intellectually, and other programs that foster learning, are great ways to integrate technology into children’s lives in a constructive way. However, be mindful of what content your child is consuming and how much they are taking in on a daily basis.