Creating a Reading Nook

Rebecca Harris, Early Education Writer   •   April 17, 2019

Reading is one of the most fundamental practices that help children grow and become more successful in their lives. There are countless reasons why reading is important for children. How can we as adults help children develop a love of reading and encourage this practice? One fun way is building a reading nook for you and your child. Here are some ways to create the coziest spot to dive into a good book.
First, let's brush up on the reasons why reading to your child and helping your child practice reading are so important. Reading helps develop language skills, vocabulary, focus and concentration. For children who are bilingual or multilingual, reading prompts fluency in each of their languages. Reading also develops a child's creativity and a sense of empathy as they identify with fictional characters and their storylines. Cozying up with your child over a good book creates lasting memories that bond you together. Since life is busy for both you and your child, escaping into a quiet space with an entertaining book can be exactly the break you both needs.

Now that we've got that all covered, here are some tips on how to make the perfect reading nook for you and your child. You've got lots of options for your reading nook. Pick a space in your house that isn't used, such as a closet, a corner or an alcove. First thing to do is add a place to store the books. That can be shelves, a stand-alone bookshelf or a crate.  Next, add some snuggly pillows and blankets to make it warm and inviting for your little one to crawl into. If your space lacks lighting, add some flashlights or a battery-powered light fixture you can stick on the wall. Adding some curtains to the entry makes it feel like a cozy, secluded fort where you can really get lost in a book. All these things will build the perfect spot for your child to get excited about reading!

Reading helps children's brains grow into their full potential while building their imaginations. It can also bring parents and children together when the world becomes a hectic place. Reading with your child is a personal experience that makes memories that last a lifetime. Having a perfect little reading nook will get both you and your child excited to spend quality time together in a book.