Why Children's Lighthouse

Education is Our Priority:  Our innovations program is a comprehensive curriculum developed specifically for the education of Infants and Toddlers with the goal of getting them ready for our C.A.R.E.S educational program which is imparted from 2 years onwards. The CARES curriculum promotes cognitive, social and emotional growth of the child through a systematic and structured educational program with character values at its core.

Learn Character Values:  The early years of a child’s life are very impressionable. We believe that this is the right time to impart character values to the young mind. Our children learn to appreciate and practice a range of character values – a new one every month.

Our Staff:  For parents, knowing that their child is safe and cared for helps them balance their professional life. All our staff are background checked by the FBI and are CPR certified. Nurturing and trained staff provide a safe and loving environment while continuing the learning process that has begun from home itself.

Enrichments:  As part of our regular program, we offer classes in Spanish language, music, yoga, and technology. We also offer parent paid enrichment programs such as dance, soccer, basketball, science club and tutoring.

Safe and Secure Environment:  For parents, nothing is more important than the security of their children. Our facility is video monitored and access controlled. Every parent has a unique door code known only to themselves. Moreover, parents get to stay connected to their children via live streaming, web-enabled, secure viewing of their child’s classroom and play area.

Healthy Meals:  Your tuition includes all meals including breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, and a late afternoon snack. Our healthy menu is not only nut-free but also nutritionist-approved. Take a look at our sample menu under the Resources tab on our home page.

Absentee Credit:  We understand that there are times you need to pull your child out of school to bring them on vacation or spend more time with you or the grandparents. To accommodate these absences, Children's Lighthouse will give you up to 5 weeks a year of up to 40% absentee credit that allows you to hold on to your spot until you return.

Discovery Day:  With all the choices available out there, choosing a school for your child can be a daunting task. Hence we offer a free day for you to enroll your child and experience first hand what Children's Lighthouse is all about. We are confident that you and your little one will have a pleasant experience and that we will able to call you family.

PB&J Live video access:  Parents get to stay connected to their children via live streaming, web-enabled, secure viewing of their child’s classroom and play area. Check them out at https://www.peanutbutterandjellytv.com/pbjTV4/

Sanitary Environment:  We have partnered with Disinfx a renowned sanitation company to ensure a sterile and clean environment for all our children. Check them out at ttps://disinfx.com/

Quality Assurance: Maintaining consistency of our service is fundamental of our nationally accredited franchise. The Home office audits each school once every quarter to ensure the schools management and staff meet documented policies and procedures that endeavor to exceed industry standards.

Corporate Partnership: We have partnered with numerous private and public companies to provide quality care for the children of their employees at a special tuition rate for these employees.
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