Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
Dr. Kristi Smith, D.Ed., M.Ed.   •   September 19, 2022

Childhood cancer is a parent’s worst nightmare. Even though cancer in children is rare, childhood cancer is still the number one cause of disease-related death for children out of infancy. Approximately 1 in 285 kids are diagnosed with some type of childhood cancer. Every 3 minutes, a family somewhere in the world finds out that their child is about to begin the fight of their life.

September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with a focus on raising awareness and raising funds to help fight childhood cancer. St. Jude is a non-profit that is dedicated to fighting childhood cancer. They specialize in cutting-edge treatments and trials to fight a wide variety of diseases all the while costing nothing out of pocket for the families. No family at St. Jude pays a dime but instead is gifted with the blessing of solely focusing on their child’s health rather than focusing on all of the doctor bills. Because of these honorable efforts, Childrens Lighthouse Franchise Company has chosen St. Jude Children’s Hospital as its national charity. CLFC is a National Tike-A-Thon partner with St. Jude and has incorporated curriculum events to support its initiatives. Each September, many Children’s Lighthouse Early Learning Schools participate in St. Jude Children’s Hospital run/walks. We LOVE St. Jude and we can help end childhood cancer TOGETHER!

On top of being a part of the amazing work Children’s Lighthouse is doing to support St. Jude, there are also many more ways your family can get involved in supporting this valuable group in fighting childhood cancer. 
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