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Winter Fun For Everyone

Well-intentioned people have taught us that letting kids play outdoors in the cold will cause them to get sick. But with the proper clothing, playing in the cold is not only okay, but can actually promote a healthy immune system! There are plenty of ways to get active outside in a safe and fun way. It is true that sickness tends to spread in the colder seasons, but the reason is that viruses and... Keep Reading

The Importance of Extracurricular Activities

When teaching and raising children, it can be easy to get caught up in the numbers game of academics and cognitive development. Making sure your child is learning and progressing to their full potential in school is important, but don't overlook the significance of extracurricular activities. Getting involved in after-school activities can promote positive life skills, cultivate friendships and... Keep Reading

Learning Through Play

A child's natural inclination is to play. It's a creative avenue where they are free to experiment and explore the world around them. If parents, teachers and caregivers provide productive play opportunities for children, real benefits can grow. Studies have shown that learning through creative, hands-on activities jumpstarts a child's development in a variety of ways. It has been proven that... Keep Reading

Benefits to Early Sign Lanaguage

Imagine living your life without being able to verbalize your desires. That is your child's reality in the very beginning stages of life before they develop language. Without a way to communicate needs and wants, children resort to crying and physical outbursts.  Young children can process more than they can express, so it's easy to get frustrated when they aren't understood. A great... Keep Reading

Winter Science: Crystal Snowflakes

Do you live in a place that's a little too warm for snowflakes? You may want to make your own. With just a few easy steps and materials, you and your children can grow your own beautiful snowflakes. Making crystal snowflakes is a great way to have fun indoors and integrate science into your child's life. All the materials you'll need can be found at crafting and grocery stores, or easily ordered... Keep Reading