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Our owners Karen and Chuck Milling proudly opened Children’s Lighthouse of Saginaw in August 2008. Prior to this, both Karen and Chuck had long successful careers with IBM. Upon retiring from IBM, they set out to open their own business. Ultimately, they settled on the idea of opening a private school. Karen and Chuck reached this decision because they were working parents themselves of five small children. They saw that having quality, loving and educational child care and schooling for their young children was so important and was sometimes very hard to find.

They quickly set out to meet this need for young families and decided that opening a Children’s Lighthouse in the ever-growing Saginaw/North Fort Worth Area would accomplish their goal. As long time Fort Worth residents they were excited about the impact on children's lives and the community their school would have.

Over time their school began to flourish with long time families, teachers and staff. All the while their family has grown as well. Between their two sons and three daughters they have 5 grandchildren and hopefully more to come. Karen and Chuck continue to be dedicated to providing the highest quality child care in their area and look forward to all the future families they will be able to serve in this wonderful community.

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