Your child's safety is the highest priority of every member of our staff. Children's Lighthouse has worked diligently to ensure that our early learning school is safe and secure for each child that enters our building. Our low child-to-teacher ratio guarantees that someone is always focused on your child.

Our employees complete rigorous security screening which includes FBI fingerprinting and background checks. Children's Lighthouse teachers and staff receive initial and continuous training in CPR, communicable disease prevention and overall child safety.

The Children's Lighthouse daycare facility is always locked, entry is security-controlled with a code that is unique for each parent. Each room has secured internet video monitoring available for parents' viewing throughout the day. In addition, we designed the building to keep children safe during emergencies; our staff and children regularly practice fire and severe weather drills for optimal preparedness.

The Children's Lighthouse playgrounds are built separately by age group (which maximizes safe play) and are inspected regularly. They meet or exceed the guidelines defined by the American Society for Testing and Materials and the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

At Children's Lighthouse, our protocol is that children are never released to any person that is not specifically designated by you. Each authorized person is required to produce photo identification to leave our premises with your child.

We believe that every child has a right to an excellent early childhood education experience. Keeping your child secure while they are in our care is our number one priority. Children's Lighthouse is constantly updating its childcare safety procedures to ensure we're at the forefront of this critical discipline. We strive for transparency throughout our center which means you can always be confident of the safety, learning and care that your child is experiencing.