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  Loving and caring staff!

-Christina Y.

Room 2

We have had our 2 daughters there for more than a year 
The staff treats them as well as their own family.
Miss Millie is a sweet patient kind director and readily accessible 
As a board certified internist I am usually very cautious about recommendations but have no reservations about a 5 star rating.

-Alan M

Room 3 & 5

I have 2 kids that have been going here for 9 months which is enough time to write a good review about our experiences. My 4-year-old's teacher is Miss Veronica and she is absolutely amazing with the kids. I am very impressed with the curriculum at this school. My daughter can count to 100 and is learning math right now! Mrs. Veronica really goes above and beyond the basics and tries to be as creative as possible to make learning fun and easy. My daughter looks forward to going to school everyday and enjoys weekly "homework" assignments which reinforces what they are learning in school such as writing letters, numbers, words, counting, drawing shapes, matching, etc... This classroom definitely prepares children for kindergarten! 

My 2-year-old is in the toddler classroom and has Miss Karen as his primary teacher. She is so loving and warm with him including with the rest of her kids. He had a tough time at the beginning (first time in child care) but Miss Karen has always been so comforting and gentle with him. She treats her kids as if they are her own, and always gives us verbal and written updates on his progress. Miss Sandra is there in the afternoon and she too is attentive to the kids as well. I've had no issues here and now my son is ready to go to school before I'm even ready to take him! Both classrooms do a lot of arts and crafts, music, have special guests (police officers, firefighters, animals...), holiday parties, and outdoor playgrounds. The classrooms are clean, organized, and well-structured, and all the staff members are so friendly and accommodating to our needs. I couldn't ask for more.

-Channel B.

Room 3 & 7


My son has been attending Children's Lighthouse for nearly a year and a half. The Staff are all very friendly and always say Hi and Bye. They call my son by his name, treat him wonderfully and really make us feel welcome. The facility always has fun Holiday events and include the parents to get them involved in the events. Each month they give a newsletter that provides you with details to what the kids in each class are learning for the month and also give a mention to each Child's Birthday. My son has learned so much from here. I am impressed every day that he comes home understanding a new song that I can sing to him as well as sign language! Thank you to all the staff, you have all been amazing to my son.

-Kendra K.

Room 2

My son David has been enrolled since he was 6 weeks old. He has learned so much we enrolled my Daughter Angelina as well. She went from room 4 to 5 in no time. David and Angelina absolutely love their teachers and everyone there. If I could give them a 10 I would. They are the so nice and the curriculum has allowed my kids to advance further.

-Aaron & Nicole P.

Room 2 & 4

Fantastic teachers and facilities! Splash pad, cameras, various types of play areas, my toddler loves it and never wants to leave when I get him. Highly recommend and Ms Cassie is the reason we joined!

-Lauren B.

Room 3

I absolutely love it here, as does my son. He was enrolled literally 15hrs before his first day. Children's Lighthouse transports him to and from school for me! Mamas gotta work and I feel completely at ease knowing he’s being nurtured emotionally and educationally.

-Mandy B

Room 8

My 2 year old has been at Children's Lighthouse since September 2017 and we are very pleased with all of the staff. I have had no issues with anything. Millie, Jasmine, and Ms. Cassie are great, and my little one really likes all of her teachers. Also they have cameras set up for parents to check in and see how their little one is doing. Overall I would definitely give Children's Lighthouse a grade A+.

-Eric C

Room 3

My 10 month old has been there since July of 2017 and we are both very happy! I have had a few minor issues, but each issue was addressed that very day. Ms. Millie and Ms. Cassie are great, and my little guy absolutely loves his teachers in room 1. I've picked him up every day since he started, and rarely is he ever fussing or upset when I get there. This tells me that his needs are being met. I get a daily progress report that tells me when he ate, slept, and got his diaper changed. I check in on the cameras daily and I have never seen anything to make me question the care being provided. Like I said, my son and I are both very happy here

-Robin H.

Room 1

I couldn't be happier with my experience thus far at Children's Lighthouse of Murrieta. My daughter has been there for a year and it has been nothing but pleasant. I love that all the staff know my little one's name and always say "Hi" when we pass in the hallway. My daughter likes her teachers and always has so much fun there. The PB&J camera system is an added reassurance that the staff are caring properly for the children. The kitchen is tidy, and they provide a weekly food menu, so I know exactly what my little one is eating (and it gives me meal ideas too!). One of my favorite things is they actively do learning activities and art work that gets sent home for me to keep. The staff and teachers are genuine and have been great overall.

-Britni S.

Room 2

This is our first childcare facility experience. So far so good. Our daughter attends part time and after 3 months of attending she is finally excited and doesn’t cry when I drop her off. The teachers were great helping me calm her upon arrival. Love the PB&J system. It really helped put me to ease during our first few months. Some of the lunch options could be modified, however, we have a picky eater so that doesn’t help. Overall very happy with the care and attention that my daughter is given. Thank you for your dedication in keeping a safe and clean environment for our children!

-Elisabeth T.

Room 3

When our daughter first started at Children's Lighthouse I was extremely nervous as she had never been taken care of by anyone but myself, her father and family members. The staff were always very reassuring and helped to get her and I comfortable. She has now been there for almost a year and a half and we love it. All of the staff have been so wonderful, and they always acknowledge her by her first name helping me to know that they know who she is, and she isn't just another tuition check. It’s been wonderful to see our daughter's social skills developing through her interactions with teachers, staff and other students. The education has been great, and the staff has done a great job communicating her daily progress, concerns, injuries, and accomplishments to us on a daily basis.

-Tiffanny R.

Room 4

My grandchildren attend Children's Lighthouse Daycare. I am grateful for the care the staff (I have encountered), is providing. I appreciate the time staff sets aside for children to do homework in a quiet setting. Also, allowing for outdoor play activities. THANK YOU CHILDRENS LIGHTHOUSE!!

-Joe P.

Room 8

The review I am writing goes strictly towards a certain staff, Ms Marrissa!

 My daughter loves being at Childrens Lighthouse, but I have had my concerns with a few minor issues. One of the main reasons I have kept my daughter at Childrens Light house is because of Ms. Marrissa. I know My Marissa loves and cares for my daughter. She is always smiling and paying close attention to the kids in her class. I could not say more good things about her!!

 If she has not had a recent raise, she deserves one!

Jenniffer E.

Room 8

WE LOVE THE CHILDRENS LIGHTHOUSE LEARNING CENTER! My kids never want to leave when I pick them up daily after work. It's so close to the schools, our house, and the freeway. WE LOVE the staff, the food, the playground, the activities, the festivities. We love it all! Thank you for everything that you do. We appreciate it very much! Special Thanks to: Ms. Cassie, Ms. Yazmin, Ms. Millie, Ms. Tosha, Ms. Rebecca, Ms. Marissa, and Ms. Maureen! Thank you all for all your hard work! I feel so safe, comfortable, and happy with children's attendance here.

-Adrianna R.

Room 4 & Room 7

Absolutely wonderful facility & staff! Our babe loves it here, all of the teaches know his name, I feel super confident leaving him, and he actually runs to get there!!

-Christopher B.

Room 3

I love this place! My kids go there and are always so happy they don't want to leave! I enjoy watching them on the camera system, and also love knowing that their homework is done before they even get home! Stress free nights for me, and tutoring help for them! The staff is so friendly and helpful too!

-Tosha T.

Room 8

I had my daughter enrolled at The Children's Lighthouse last year and I loved it. Everyone was really nice. From the staff to the owner. My daughter is two years old and she is very bright thanks to this school. She learned a lot. Unfortunately, I lost my job, so my husband and I decided it would be best for me to stay home. If I ever decide to go back to work, I will take my daughter back to this school.

-Nancy S.

Room 4

Almost 1.5 year ago, I was ready to pull out my 2.5-year-old due to the chaos of the center but my husband pointed out that after touring 10 other centers we weren't going to find a better one! But let me tell you, I have changed my mind ever since because what I realized was that every criticism I brought to Ms. Millie's attention, she corrected. Some took months, and some took literally days! For a daycare that's been open for only 3 years, I think it's a fantastic place and has come a long way because of its owners’ dedication to the place and true love for children. And I absolutely adore my son's teacher Ms. Iesha! She's just the best person for the job and I just hope my son will have someone half as good as her as his next care taker.
 Due to job change, we had to move 3 days ago, and I couldn't stop crying that I had to part from such special people! I should also add that Children's Lighthouse in Murrieta was our 3rd daycare center and I've never felt this sad to leave any of the other ones!

 So, if you have concerns, talk to Millie. And if you're considering a daycare, I highly recommend it here. Feel free to ask me any questions too...

-Samira K.

Room 2 & Room 5

The staff is great, they're always on top of it. The teachers are warm. We feel very comfortable taking our son there. Though at the beginning he had a tough time going to "school" every day ("I miss mommy and daddy - yes, we're that cool (JK!)), now he can't get enough of it.

 I like how the staff is always coming up with cool days ("Polar Express" day), makes me want to come in my pajamas, too. (Kidding, again.)

 This place rocks. Send your kids there and you won't regret it.

 And as Sam mentioned, the building/facilities are contemporary, nice and new. Big bonus there.

-Alice Y.

Room 4

Sorry for the length of this review but sending your child to daycare for the first time can be a very difficult transition that every parent must go through.

 My 2 and 1/2-year-old son has been attending Childrens Lighthouse for 3 months now. We enrolled him close to their grand opening and were immediately impressed by the facilities. Compared to the other daycare centers, Childrens Lighthouse feels contemporary, clean, and well designed to accommodate many children without being cramped. It was by far the best facility we had toured. You can tell that lots of thought was given to the design of the indoor spaces and large indoor open play areas, which were airy and well light with natural sunlight and decorated to give a warm, friendly, welcoming and playful atmosphere. Separate large rooms for each age group ensures less distraction and more focus on learning and interacting with kids of my sons age.

 The outside facilities equal the inside in terms of design and expanse. Sand play yards, water splash features for hot day (my son LOVES this!), grassy lawns and the largest tot lots with shade structures (multiple) of all of the 5 different daycare centers that we toured. Kids can ride their tricycles around a huge yard and never seem to get bored. Safety for the location is top notch. Biometric checking (fingerprint confirmation) for pickup/drop-off, individual key coded entry pass codes for the parents and webcams to watch your kids play all day ensure the safety of the kids inside.

 Set away from the main street nearby and completely fenced in, you simply can't compare the facilities to anything remotely else in the area. The school is incredible.

 But even more important to us as parents were the staff, teachers and curriculum that our son would be exposed to. The center is family owned You will not find a nicer, more genuine hard-working family who cares for the children's wellbeing. We see Millie (the mom) and Rachel (the daughter) every day when we drop off and pick up our son. The owners (Lees) are driven to ensure the success of every aspect of their daycare and it reflects in the incredibly warm, competent and caring teachers and staff that they have chosen to hire. My son was out sick for a week and they called just to find out how he was doing and to make sure he was ok. They probably have over 70 kids enrolled, but still found time to check in on my son. Extremely thoughtful.

 It did take them a few months to enroll enough children to implement their regimens and work out the "kinks" of scheduling, which we had fully expected. I understand Tim B. review of Childrens Lighthouse if he were to tour in October. When we toured, the location was in the final stages of being completed as well. I myself have owned 4 business and when it comes to construction and tenant improvements and dealing with subcontractors, unorganized chaos usually seems like the norm. That was 3 months ago, and everything is in order and extremely well organized.

 They now have the right amount of kids enrolled per age group to provide stimulation and social interaction amongst the kids, which was my primary goal in enrolling him in daycare. The teachers and staff are excellent at communicating daily updates on the progress of my son (did he sleep? did he eat lunch? etc.) and his social interactions with other kids.

 Even with all those important aspects (staff, curriculum, facilities, organization) of what I determined to be priorities at a daycare, the most important thing, and the thing that makes me and my wife the happiest is that my son loves it there. The owners, staff and teachers are always so welcoming every day and my son feeds off their energy and excitement. He is truly happy there.

 I can't wait to send my 9-month-old there. It's been nothing but an extremely positive experience.

 Also, they potty trained my son, so bonus points for that as well!

 Thanks Millie and Rachel and everyone at Childrens Lighthouse. You guys are simply doing an amazing job.

-Sam Y.