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Children's Lighthouse leads the way in values-based early childhood education — providing care for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school-age children. Our Lighthouse C.A.R.E.S.℠ curriculum is based on an age-appropriate, comprehensive learning approach, incorporating character values like integrity, fairness and honesty. Not just a typical daycare, Children's Lighthouse is a family-focused educational school based on developing children academically and emotionally. Education and strong character values guide the philosophy of our innovative Lighthouse C.A.R.E.S.℠ curriculum.

Open 6:30AM
to 6:30PM
Ages 6 Weeks
to 12 Years
CARES Values-Based
and Operated
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Building brains, bodies & best behaviors

Explore the Learning Wall
Like the Learning Wall in our classrooms is for children to learn, our online Learning Wall is filled with resources for parents.
As I have gotten older, I have become more concerned about keeping my brain sharp. Cleveland Clinic has a site called "Healthy Brains," which provides a free "brain checkup." I am the proud owner of...
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The "whole child" development concept is not new. However, it has become a hot topic in today's parenting and educational circles  The movement can actually be traced back to Johann Pestalozzi...
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Experiencing and performing music is an integral part of most cultures around the world. It's fun, interactive and brings communities together. Beyond that, music has been proven to have significant...
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What parents are saying about the Children's Lighthouse in Keller

We have loved being a part of the Lighthouse family. We are greeted by a friendly face (or 2!) each morning, the teachers are always greeting us in the halls, even of they don't have my kids, and the communication between parents and staff is AMAZING. All concerns are addressed head on, with the well being of the child being front and center.
Thanks to the Children's Lighthouse, my husband and I both have peace of mind while we're at work. I have never been to a facility more welcoming, compassionate, and intentional than this.
North Richland Hills
We love the curriculum and staff (both classroom and front office). Our 4 year old fought us on starting preschool and now he comes home daily telling us what he did and learned. We definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a fun and safe childcare and/or preschool option!
What an amazing daycare/school for children. I wanted to add school because they are always teaching the kids so your getting way more than just typical daycare. As soon as you walk in the atmosphere is very warm and welcoming.
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