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From Christy J.

I just want to tell you the staff at Children's Lighthouse in Matthews, NC are wonderful. I feel good about leaving my boys in their care and love the fact that I don't have to worry about them while I am at work.  The staff made a point early on to know my name and who my children are.

Thank you, 
Christy Jones

From Zena B.

I'm writing in regards to one of your locations (either Lake Park or Matthews) that took a field trip to the Stallings town park yesterday. First, I have to say that I was in childcare for 9 years at one of your competitors and was director for the last four. So it's refreshing to see afterschool teachers who take a field trip who do not use that time to congregate around a picnic table to gossip. I don't know how many times I've taken my kids somewhere on a school holiday and have seen this, and it irks me, even after being out of childcare for two years. All of your teachers there were involved, playing, running around, and engaging the children. The one who stood out was a "Mr. Chris", organizing the children on the merry go rounds and making things fun for the kids, all without isolating or hogging the rides from other children that were there with their parents. My oldest even enjoyed talking and playing with them on the merry go round. Your A/S teachers are doing a great job with those children! I'm hoping you can pass along this email to their director, because I know how rare it is to receive any type of positive feedback from the public.

Zena Barrett

From Bernice R.

Children's Lighthouse has been a blessing for my husband, our four year old daughter and me. Our daughter stayed at home until about a month prior to turning four and we were worried about the transition of going to pre-school. However, during the few site visits and tours, our daughter immediately felt comfortable and was ready to start. Soon after the Children's Lighthouse tour, our daughter asked when she can start. My husband and I knew it was a good sign and was very impressed and pleased.  

We worked with our daughter at home and are pleased to see the structure and learning she has developed with the transition to Children's Lighthouse.  The feeling of knowing our little girl is safe and happy while away from home is indescribable and we are grateful after many searches that we landed with Children's Lighthouse.

Bernice K. Radaideh