The Lighthouse Learning Wall
Staying Cool with Preschoolers: Mastering the Art
Parenting preschool-age children can be both rewarding and challenging. These energetic little explorers have boundless energy, curiosity, and an infectious sense of wonder. However, their intense... Keep Reading
Courage in Young Children
Preschoolers are at a crucial stage of development, where they begin to explore the world around them and face new challenges. Understanding and demonstrating courage during these early years can lay... Keep Reading
Summer Splash: Have Fun but Be Safe
Families eagerly look forward to enjoying water-related activities with their little ones as summer arrives. However, it is crucial for parents to prioritize water safety when it comes to newborns... Keep Reading
Beat the Heat with Summer Family Fun
As summer approaches and the temperature rises, finding ways to beat the heat becomes a top priority for families. Don’t let the scorching sun dampen your spirits; instead, embrace the warmth and... Keep Reading
Benefits of Focusing on Nature in Learning
From the outside looking in, a pre-school classroom can look like random, fun activities. What many may not realize is that the design of the lessons, activities, and even topics are carefully... Keep Reading
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