Grandparents Day Celebration
Rachel Haley, M.E.   •   September 11, 2022

September holds many national holidays, but one that cannot be forgotten is Grandparents Day! Anyone who has children and has living parents knows the important role that grandparents can play in the lives of children. Many grandparents are a safe fortress from life’s overwhelming issues. Grandparents are the wonderful place to get extra attention when parents’ lives get busy. Grandparents are often the listening ear for thoughts to be discussed.

No matter the reason, grandparents deserve to be celebrated for their special relationship between them and their grandchildren. Grandparents day is September 11, 2022. Below you will find some ideas on how you can celebrate the special people in your life!

  • Call them- While today’s generations spend most of their time texting people, your grandparents grew up having daily conversations. Most grandparents are good with technology, but a conversation on the phone to check in on them and tell them how much you appreciate them will go a long way!
  • Appreciate them with Art- Grandparents love getting things made for them! Have your kids make various arts and crafts keepsakes to give to them. More than the amount of money spent, they will care about the time and effort it took to create something special just for them!
  • Prioritize them- Think about something they truly enjoy and do that. If they love a certain restaurant, getting coffee, or any other small activity, take the time out of your busy schedule to do something they enjoy on September 11th. The moments you slow down and spend together will always be worth it!
  • Invite them to kid’s school- If your school is doing anything special for Grandparents day, invite them! Nothing will make their day more than walking into your child’s school and seeing their grandchild’s face light up!
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