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About the Owners

Angela has had a passion for children at a very early age and has always worked with and around children. Owning her own child care center became her dream very early in life. All of her college studies have been centered around Child Psychology as well as Child Development.  After having children of her own and running her own in home childcare, she knew it was time to make her dream come to fruition. Her dreams and desires to own a Child Care center have always been based on her passion for children rather than a business decision.She hopes to make an impact on as many children as possible in her life and also help other parents on their journey by providing them with a place to feel as part of a family while away at work. In her personal life, Angela stays busy with 5 children. She had two biological children, she adopted another daughter who was 8 at the time from the Texas Foster Care system and has remarried and has full time care of two wonderful step children. She considers all 5 of them equally her own. Having 5 children definitely helps her relate to all of the families at Childrens Lighthouse, understanding how important quality care is. Other than her children her interests are sports, country music, dancing, helping others and travel. She is very hands on in the day to day operations and is always available if parents would like to speak with her.