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The Whole Child Blog Series: Best Behaviors

Everyone loves to be around a well-behaved child, but lets be honest - raising well-rounded, thoughtful and responsible children is one of the most challenging jobs in the world. It is understandable that disciplining children has been an incredibly popular parenting topic since the beginning of time. Ask any teacher; the most popular training sessions at conferences are those that deal with... Keep Reading

The Whole Child Blog Series: Balanced Bodies

Healthy, balanced meals are important - but are you providing the means for a balanced body? The development of a balanced body in today's technology-focused society also includes the development of fine and gross motor skills in a developmentally appropriate way.
   It is not uncommon to see a toddler wielding their pointer finger like a pro while entertaining themselves on their... Keep Reading

The Whole Child Blog Series: Healthy Brains

As I have gotten older, I have become more concerned about keeping my brain sharp. Cleveland Clinic has a site called "Healthy Brains," which provides a free "brain checkup." I am the proud owner of a brain with a Brain Health Index of 79. Well, I'm not sure how proud I should be of what is considered a C+ grade. How healthy is your brain? Take the assessment at... Keep Reading

The Whole Child: Brains, Bodies, Best Behaviors

The "whole child" development concept is not new. However, it has become a hot topic in today's parenting and educational circles  The movement can actually be traced back to Johann Pestalozzi in 18th century Switzerland.  He was the first to outline the different areas of a child's development and the importance of child-centered education. As a result, he is known as the father of... Keep Reading

Benefits of Music Education

Experiencing and performing music is an integral part of most cultures around the world. It's fun, interactive and brings communities together. Beyond that, music has been proven to have significant developmental benefits for your young child. Studies have shown that music education promotes physical, social and cognitive development. I am about to give you all the reasons to have more dance... Keep Reading