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Raising Confident Children

Raising confident and self-assured kids can be tough. Our world can be challenging, and it's important to raise a child who knows they are strong, smart, and can take on what their future has in store. Confidence is essential for a child to grow into a successful and happy adult. However, as a parent, it can be difficult finding the happy medium between coddling and being too tough on our kids.... Keep Reading

Helpfulness in an Unhappy World

help • ful • ness    noun the property of being helpful help • ful    adjective the property of providing useful service or assistance According to researchers such as Piaget and Elkind, childhood is a time of extreme ego-centrism. Everyone will agree that self-centeredness seems to rule the mind of 2-year-old children as evidenced by their favorite word: "mine!" The... Keep Reading

Chores for Children

Motivating children to help around the house can be a challenge. Whether it's doing the dishes or pulling weeds in the yard, it can be tough to get them to participate. However, there are great benefits to involving them in chores.  Accomplishing tasks, even around the house, can make children more attuned to helping others, build their self-confidence, and help them develop key life skills.... Keep Reading

Cooperation in a Self-Centered World

co • op • er • a • tion    noun actions of someone who is being helpful by doing what is wanted, to ask for: common effort; assistance with ready compliance, work together When my children were young, there were days when all I wanted was for them to cooperate with my demands. As I grew in my knowledge of children, I began to understand that cooperation is a character trait that... Keep Reading

Bedtime Tips

Most parents can agree that one of the hardest obstacles of the day is getting through their bedtime routine with their children. The children are incredibly cranky, but also entirely resilient in staying awake. Parents, however, have had a long day of responsibilities and work and are in no mood to face a bedtime challenge. Sleep is crucial for your child's mental and physical development, as... Keep Reading