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Gratitude in an Unappreciative World

grat • i • tude   noun the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness Synonyms: gratefulness, thankfulness, thanks, appreciation, indebtedness "He expressed his gratitude to his sister for doing his chore by saying thank you and helping her take out the trash." What does gratitude look like? Gratitude is one of the most misunderstood... Keep Reading

Is Your Child Contagious?

With fall and cooler weather comes cold and flu season. After all, everyone playing inside is a recipe for sharing germs. Though hard to avoid, it's important to recognize when your child is sick or contagious and when to keep them home. The best way to prevent illness is stopping it from spreading at the start. Here are some tips on recognizing when your child is contagious and a few fundamental... Keep Reading

Helpfulness in an Unhappy World

help • ful • ness    noun the property of being helpful help • ful    adjective the property of providing useful service or assistance According to researchers such as Piaget and Elkind, childhood is a time of extreme ego-centrism. Everyone will agree that self-centeredness seems to rule the mind of 2-year-old children as evidenced by their favorite word: "mine!" The... Keep Reading

Parenting Without Power Struggles

Parenting is hard for a lot of reasons. Other than the obvious - feeding them, bathing them, getting them to school on time, and generally just keeping them alive - establishing the power dynamic between you and your child can be a real challenge. Talking about parent-child power struggles may sound extreme, but this refers to things as small as your school drop-off or your bedtime routine.... Keep Reading

Movement and Breathing Breaks

Getting children moving is an important factor in gearing them up for their greatest potential. Practicing healthy breathing techniques is also a key element in physical, mental and emotional well-being. Both of these practices help with their physical development and emotional regulation. Here are some of the wonderful benefits of activity and deep breathing for your child, as well as strategies... Keep Reading