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How Technology Impacts Sleep

Getting a good night's sleep is essential to living a healthy lifestyle. Both you and your child need regular sleep to keep your brains active and focused throughout the day.  It's especially important for your child, as their brain is growing and developing while they sleep. Digital technology being so entwined in our lives can negatively affect sleep patterns. Here are some ways electronic... Keep Reading

Patience in a Have It Now World

pa • tience   noun the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset Synonyms: forbearance, tolerance, restraint, self-restraint, stoicism When I was little, I remember my parents saving money to replace their broken 1950's mid-century modern, orange leather couch. I have a vivid memory of my father readjusting the tan wooden leg as he... Keep Reading

Importance of Family Time

Family time is incredibly important for raising a healthy and secure child. Experts agree that attention from their parents and family helps lower anxiety and promotes success in children. The holiday season provides a great opportunity to bring your family together for some quality time. Interactive family time where both the adults and the children are actively engaged has a multitude of... Keep Reading

Gratitude in an Unappreciative World

grat • i • tude   noun the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness Synonyms: gratefulness, thankfulness, thanks, appreciation, indebtedness "He expressed his gratitude to his sister for doing his chore by saying thank you and helping her take out the trash." What does gratitude look like? Gratitude is one of the most misunderstood... Keep Reading

Is Your Child Contagious?

With fall and cooler weather comes cold and flu season. After all, everyone playing inside is a recipe for sharing germs. Though hard to avoid, it's important to recognize when your child is sick or contagious and when to keep them home. The best way to prevent illness is stopping it from spreading at the start. Here are some tips on recognizing when your child is contagious and a few fundamental... Keep Reading