First year at Children's Lighthouse Helotes

I just wanted to drop you a quick note - I'm sure you get more negative feedback from parents than you'd like but our experience over the last year has been nothing short of wonderful. This April will mark our one year anniversary for the center and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the center and the staff.
When my daughter arrives in the morning - she is greeted with the most loving and caring front desk staff. And then as she makes her way down the hall - every single teacher says hi to her and just dotes on her. It really does make a mom feel comfortable leaving her child there all day when you see everyone smiling and in such a happy mood. She comes home with her sign language and I can tell she's really learning tons of new stuff every day. It's lovely to see your staff pouring their hearts into their jobs. I can't thank you enough.
I just wanted to say thank you - you and your staff are appreciated beyond measure in the Kosub household.
Maggie Kosub

From the Murphy Family

Thank you so much for all you do behind the scenes to make the light shine at Children's Lighthouse. We are so grateful to be apart of such a wonderful family.

-The Murphy Family


Spread the Good News---Refer a friend to Childrens Lighthouse Parent Referral Program. You can earn a free week of tuition for one child when you refer a family to our center and they enroll. Once they have been enrolled for 2 weeks you will receive a free week of tuition for one child. See your center director for more details
Please enjoy some reviews from our current and past parents. If you would like to add one to this site please feel free to email it to the school and we will post here.

Thank You!

We just wanted to take a moment to say Thanks to you all! These last few years have been wonderful for us because of the all the happy, nice, sweet people who work here. Our kids have grown and we have grown due to the focus of this school. Thank you for all of the amazing things that each and every one of you do everyday! It means the world to people.

-The Daugherty Family

2 Years of Love

Thank you all for taking such great care of Landon the past 2 years. Leaving him anywhere is so difficult, but knowing what wonderful place Children's Lighthouse is and how loving the staff is made it so much easier. He has blossomed so much and learned so much being here. We can never thank you enough for all you did and continue to do. Take care and we wish the best for all of you!
Thank you!
The Cothrens

A lasting Impression

We first discovered The Children's Lighthouse Helotes when I needed a summer program for my two school aged children. After only one week in the summer program at a different center, my kids begged me not to return. So we ended up at The Children's Lighthouse by chance. They loved it and have asked to return each summer since then. My youngest child started here when she was four years old and is now in their private Kindergarten class. She has a November birthday so she didn't make the cut-off for public Kindergarten. She is learning so much and has begun to read short sentences by January! She will likely go straight to first grade next year because she has learned so much at The Children's Lighthouse. The staff really gets to know your child and the overall atmosphere is very warm and friendly. I highly recommend this school.

A Pleased Family

My son has been attending Children's Lighthouse for almost a year and he absolutely loves it! He was attending another preschool in a different area closer to my work, but I could tell he really wasn't enjoying it and neither was I for the price. So I started looking at schools near home and I came across this wonderful school. It's more costly than the last, but it's definitely worth it and I wouldn't have it any other way. The teachers are very involved and so are the staff. He's not the easiest child to work with, but they go the extra mile to work with him and it shows that they really care about my child and his success. He's in the Private Kindergarten class and he is learning so much and he's actually really eager about learning and never complains about having to go to school like most children do. The summer program is also great! My 7 year old loves going to Children's Lighthouse during the summer. They're always doing activities or going on field trips. With everything they do here, I don't refer to it as a preschool, it's more of a school with a very personable atmosphere. The staff and director are great! I don't usually recommend places, but this school is worth it.

From the Flores Family

My daughter Bianca is now three, but started at Children's lighthouse in Helotes at age one. With your first born, you are cautious as to what daycare to put them in. We have been blessed with finding this care center. She is now three and she loves her teachers and her school. She has learned great socialization skills and manners. The curriculum is awesome. Bianca has learned so many things that she is teaching us as well!
Her brother is also attending school with her, and I have to say I have been so pleased with the girls from room 1. My son Andrew started at 4 months, and we were concerned that daycare would not be the best fit for a small infant, but he loves Ms. Jenny and Ms. Bonnie. Andrew is now nine months and is so excited when he gets to his classroom. Thank you Children's lighthouse for taking such good care of our babies.

From Maria L.

Dear Ms. Cyndi,
What can I say? Your contagious smile at the front door always seems to brighten everyone's day.
I thank you so much for all the wonderful things that Children's Lighthouse brings to Carla and Mary; and I give you much credit for all that because of your leadership skills and how you are to the teachers. The things that my girls learn far exceed my expectations! Great job and continued success to you and to Children's Lighthouse!
Thank you so much!
Maria Lonegan

From Debbie & Ernie M.

August 10, 2011
Ms. Kelly,
Words cannot express our gratitude to you and all you have done for our children, especially Luke. You made sending him to school much easier on us. Thank you for your compassion and patience you have shown him and Siena. You are truly a blessing.
From Debbie and Ernie Martinez

From Erika P.

Wow! Again thank you so much for all that you do for the students that you work with. I was logged on today (as I always am now) and saw that you were in Jaime's room comforting him. It looked like you were talking to him, gave him a hug and then walked with him over to the table to eat. Again thank you so much - It seems like he is still standing back observing and trying to figure out what he is suppose to be doing. So I appreciate all of the guidance and support that he gets from all of you to get him to interact with other students or to simply go and explore in an area. I can not put into words the comfort level that I feel everyday that I drop him off. I know that all of you have great expertise with children and are doing a wonderful job.
Thank you -
Erika Pruneda
Vice Principal
Bob Beard Elementary

From Jason R.

My wife and I love the Childrens Lighthouse! While it is more expensive than other programs, we appreciate the education based curriculum. And the staff is amazing!
Jason Roberts

From Rick & Kristy W.

I wanted to let you know that Amber received her test results yesterday in the mail from NISD.
Those results were great! She passed 3 of the tests with flying colors and on one test she missed by one (1) percentage point. NISD reviewed the scores (on their own) as a whole and have decided to declare that one point that was missed as passing as well considering all of the strong scores weighted together.
This is a direct reflection of the hard work of your staff. I wish to recognize Ms. Victoria Reyes for the efforts she provided in educating Amber this past school year at your campus. Victoria was a true inspiration to Amber and really went above and beyond the call of Kindergarden materials with Amber and helped to keep him little mind growing leading all the way into the 2nd grade level materials. Victoria would often work to send homework that would be above the level of Kindergarden coursework and even worked 1:1 with her not only in the classroom, but beyond that by giving of her own time after the school year was over to make sure Amber had what she needed to pass her exams.
Whenever there was a concern or a question, Ms. Victoria was right there to help answer or teach to it appropriately. The high potential found in Amber is directly attributed to Victoria's hard work.
So how did she do? Amber was scored on one weekend for Language Arts and Math at the first grade level that required an 85% to pass on each and move on to the second round of testing. Amber completed these two tests of 103 questions within 2.5 hrs and scored a 92% in Language Arts and an 84% in Mathematics.
Her next round of testing was for Science and Social Studies at the first grade level that required a 70% to pass on each exam. Amber completed these two tests of 100 questions within 90 mins and scored an 84% in Science and 90% in Social Studies.
Amber felt that of the 4 tests the Science and Social Studies were the hardest to complete.. We were more than a little concerned when she popped out after only 90 mins for these two tests and still came out extremely well.
You and your staff are to be commended for the excellent care and education that you provided to Amber and we can't be thankful enough! Please be sure to recognize Ms. Victoria appropriately for this "above the call of duty" in educating our daughter. She is truly a leading star and would be rated as such if I were writing her annual review.
Thank you so very much again for having the staff and your leadership/knowledge to make this come to fruition!!!
Rick and Kristy Waller

From Erika

Cyndi -
It is ALWAYS so nice to talk to you too. I am so happy that both of my children have been (and will for Laela) able to have such a great preschool experience. I know that it is because of your leadership that
Lighthouse runs so smoothly. Thank you for your continued support and dedication. I appreciate you taking the time to send us our tax form through email.
Always - Erika

From Ursula M.

Dear Cyndi (and ALL Lighthouse staff),

This past weekend, we were outside enjoying the beautiful weather and Eva was busy drawing on our driveway with her artistic, creative talent as she often does with sidewalk chalk. When she called me over to look at her drawings she had written her doubles addition facts and 2 sentences (see attached photo): I AM LITTLE. And I LOVE MYSELF.

Both sentences she wrote completely on her own, telling me she needed a big letter to always start and a dot to put at the end. She read both of them to me.

I was amazed that she had actually used a string of words to write a coherent sentence, on her own. She has gone quickly from writing letters to writing sight words just in the past 2 months.

She also wrote addition facts totally on her own.

We attribute her progress to the curriculum but more so to your terrific staff who implements the lessons effectively but also encourages, motivates and connects learning to the real world.

Thank you for assuring that all your staff is committed to nurturing, guiding, teaching and fostering a love for learning. Additionally we appreciate the constant, consistent efforts to teach and model strong character traits.

Ursula Miller
Title I Math Specialist

From The Matthews Family

To all the Lighthouse staff:
I want to express my deepest gratitude for taking such great care of my son and our family. It was a difficult decision to put him in care, but you guys made it painless. I feel so confident that his is prepared to start school with every chance for success! Thank you for your attention, care, affection, and respect of our son. We will miss you all!
The Matthews Family

From Stephanie

Hi Ms. Cyndi,
I just wanted to let you know that when Aaron was asked the question in a school assignment, "What was the best thing that happened to you last year?", he responded that it was going to Children's Lighthouse. I also wanted to say that I really appreciate all of the infant room teacher's observations and suggestions for Nathaniel, as well as the front desk assistance with his teething medication. Thanks for everything you guys do, everyday!

From Cynthia L.

May 29, 2009
Dear Cyndi:
Oh by the way, I wanted to let you know that Mrs. Monica and Ms. Sarah are doing a great job with Jason. He has been coming home singing songs like "Hey Diddle, Diddle" and making sure we always pray before we eat anything. He came home yesterday and said the word "Compassion." Just wanted to say thanks for all your help and please pass on the message to them for me.
~Cynthia Luna

From Shannon D.

Ms. Cindy in Room 4 is fantastic! Camryn talks about her all weekend. The ladies in the front office always go above and beyond! Keep up the great work!!
Love the facility and staff. Jenna seems to really enjoy her time there. I know that she is taken care of and given fair attention by teachers. I have no complaints and don't plan on moving her from there until she starts public school.
-Room 5 Teachers Rock!
Thank you!
Shannon Dominguez

From The Sheikh Family

June 4, 2009
To the Children's Lighthouse Learning Center (Helotes):
We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation and thanks for the time our daughter Aleena J. Sheikh was enrolled in your school. Unfortunately, as I am in the USAF, we will be leaving the area. However, we will leave with heartfelt memories. As a parent, we realize we have many choices for pre-K education for our child in this area. Despite a similar franchise school opening in Alamo Ranch, (5 min from our house) we would still choose to have Aleena travel 20 minutes daily to your school. We have noticed that since she began school, her linguistic and social abilities have progressed at a remarkable pace. We are sure that this is no doubt a reflection of the tremendous caliber of your teaching staff. She comes home each day with smiles and endless stories recounting the day's events at school. This is a formative time in a child's education and the correct environment can make all the difference. Along with the entire staff we would like to recognize Ms. Melissa, Ms. Monica and Ms. Neysa as examples of excellent teachers. We believe the balance your school strikes between fun and learning makes it a great place for kids to start their academic paths. You made a huge difference in our lives !!!
Dr. Fareed and Katja Sheikh (Aleena's Parents)
Fareed Sheikh

From Ambia, Michael & William

We are very pleased that we found Childrens Lighthouse! We feel very comfortable leaving our son during the day. Thank you for making this such a pleasant experience!!
Ambia, Michael & William

From Ashley B.

My daughter has some special needs and her teachers are always very willing and eager to help her with her new challenges. Lila's therapists who see her at the center always talk about how wonderful her teachers are and are ready to learn new things to help her progress. Lila loves going to school and seeing everyone there; children and staff included. Thank you for giving me the peace of mind that she is well cared for and helped while I'm at work - it's a huge weight off my mind and that's why I choose to pay the higher tuition than at other places.
Ashley Boehme
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