Rolling Into Kindergarten

Rebecca Harris, Early Education Writer   •   May 15, 2019

Kindergarten readiness skills include physical, academic, social and emotional domains. All skill areas are of equal importance to kindergarten success. Parents can do a lot at home to help prepare their young child for the transition from preschool/pre-k to kindergarten. Here are some foundational skills to work on this summer. Can your child complete the following?
  • Ask permission to get out of seat for bathroom, sharpen pencil, etc.  
  • Ask permission to use belongings of teacher or other students
  • Ask for help when needed
  • Know how to ask questions
  • Use the bathroom on their own and wash hands
  • Put on and take off coat
  • Tie shoes
  • Throw and catch a ball
  • Cover mouth with elbow when coughing
  • Cooperate and share with others
  • Display positive and fun attitude  
  • Take turns
  • Put things away
  • Open food containers during lunch
  • Hold a pencil correctly
  • Hold and cut with blunt-tip scissors
  • Know how to use glue and glue sticks
  • Know first and last name
  • Know name of their school and afterschool program if applicable
  • Know at least one parent's phone number
  • Know to follow the rules
  • Recognize letters, numbers and shapes
Children need to be emotionally and socially ready for kindergarten as well as having acquired some motor, cognitive and intellectual skills. Most successful children will be able to control their impulses and relate to non-family authority figures. Children need to be curious about their world, interested in how things work and eager to learn. Reading to your young child helps them discover the joy of hearing stories, learn about various topics and use their imagination. You can encourage language development by asking them about the pictures on the pages of the book. Children who are able to ask questions, think independently and be creative will excel faster. By incorporating some of these activities in your daily routine this summer, along with praise of your child, you will encourage your child to value achievement, have a high self-esteem and look forward to kindergarten.