Infant and Toddler Childcare

We understand that selecting educational childcare for the newest addition to your family can be a daunting process filled with many difficult decisions. Finding a responsible preschool that provides safe daycare in a nurturing and educational environment can feel overwhelming. We know we can provide your family with the encouraging atmosphere that you desire while exposing your baby or toddler to a stimulating curriculum designed for their unique individual needs and development. Our professional team understands that learning begins at birth, so we will take every opportunity to enrich your little one’s day with us. We’ll do all we can to give them a healthy head start in our early learning school.

Children’s Lighthouse’s Infant and Toddler Program highlights:

  • We understand that your young child is special and unique with his/her own personality, temperament, and rhythms. Therefore, we will personalize your child’s day based on their individual schedule, nutritional needs, and developmental path. We recognize that toddlerhood is a special phase in development! So, our curriculum is designed to transition babies into their new stage of rising independence with a focus on the development of “self-help” skills.
  • We understand that you know your child better than anyone, so we are committed to developing a strong relationship with your family.
  • We understand that baby’s brains are hard-wired to learn in sensory-rich, loving, nurturing, healthy and safe environments…and we are committed to providing such care and education.
  • Children’s Lighthouse employs post-graduate specialists to design and develop cutting- edge, research-based curriculum with enriched lesson plans, even for infants and toddlers.
  • We use the “Comprehensive Infant and Toddler Curriculum” in our infant and toddler classrooms and have a developmental portfolio assessment system to provide individualized, rich, learning experiences for your young child.