About the Owners
Welcome to Children's Lighthouse Richmond, Harvest-Green.  Sisters, Karen Walcher and Daniella Simpson are the proud owners.  The sisters are experienced elementary teachers who value the importance of early childhood education.  As parents, they recognize how important it is to provide a caring and safe environment that develops the whole child.  Therefore, the Children's Lighthouse concept, which includes child-centered learning along with character values, resonates with them.

Karen is a parent of twin boys, experienced teacher,and a seasoned childcare professional. Her childcare experience began 20 yearsago when she began working in a preschool setting while attending college atthe University of Houston- Downtown. While attending college, she also pursuedher Child Development Associate (CDA) in order to further develop the qualityof teaching she was providing. She went on to complete her Bachelor of Scienceand eventually her Masters in Educational Leadership at the University of St.Thomas-Houston. Karen truly believes that a child learns at their highestpotential when provided with a safe and secure environment in which the childfeels loved. This is why she feels it is of the utmost importance to provide aschool that can meet a child’s needs both socially and emotionally through anenriching learning environment as the one provided by Childrens Lighthouse. 

   Daniella is also a teacher and parent to her son, Conner. She has extensive childcare experience which began 20 years ago. While attending college at the University of Houston, Daniella worked in preschool classrooms as well as the front office.  This allowed her to gain a wide-range of experience which included preschool curriculum and implementation, as well as the day to day operations required by front office administration.  After college, Daniella worked as an elementary school teacher eventually becoming a reading intervention teacher. Due to this, she believes that every child is their own unique person and believes that a strong curriculum should be able to meet a variety of needs. This is why she is a proponent of the Children's Lighthouse STREAM and Lighthouse CARES program.  

Karen and Daniella are excited about bringing together their years of experience and passion for teaching to their school. They will work hard to create a quality school in which the child can have enriching experience and the parent can feel that their child has a safe and caring place to attend.  

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