What Sets Us Apart

Quality and Innovation

Like you, we are parents who always want the best for the next generation. We take pride in our Copperfield center and invest constantly in providing the highest possible quality in everything we offer.

  • Our menus are carefully crafted to include plenty of whole grains, fruits and vegetables.
  • Our playground is referred to as “the park”, because it is filled with covered play equipment, gardens where children plant/grow themselves, and lots of green space. Coming soon: a splash pad!
  • Our classrooms are being upgraded to include tablets, so teachers can send you daily reports, photos, and share special moments.
Accredited Curriculum is Just the Beginning

Decades of research and experience has culminated in creating our nationally accredited curriculum, Lighthouse CARES. Exclusive to Children’s Lighthouse, Lighthouse CARES is a highly engaging curriculum full of hands-on activities to make learning fun. Not only does fun learning make a child’s day better, it nurtures a love of learning for life. Lighthouse CARES is the only curriculum which integrates social-emotional learning into the classroom through character values.

We also provide the dance, soccer, and other extra activities right on our campus for parent convenience.

Partnership with Parents

We want you to feel comfortable in our center, so we strive to form connections with every family through constant communication. Our Preschool2Me app keeps you connected with emails, photos, and more, so you always know what's going on.  We also host monthly special events and activities so we can all relax and enjoy something fun together, whether it be planting seeds in spring, a Valentine’s Sweetheart’s Dance for families, or celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday. We want to get to know you, because after all we are working for the same thing — a happy child who loves to learn.