Importance of Family Time
Rebecca Harris, Early Education Writer   •   November 20, 2019
Family time is incredibly important for raising a healthy and secure child. Experts agree that attention from their parents and family helps lower anxiety and promotes success in children. The holiday season provides a great opportunity to bring your family together for some quality time.

Interactive family time where both the adults and the children are actively engaged has a multitude of benefits. Firstly, children feel loved, seen and worthy.   This is important to promote so that your child develops positive views of self through adulthood. It also helps them cultivate healthy relationships with people outside their family. The holiday season is perfect for immersing your child in an environment filled with love and laughter.
Participating in family activities like playing games, decorating, cooking and sharing meals all contribute to establishing healthy lines of communication, teaching social skills, and allowing for bonding moments. Games and sports keep the participants interactive and engaged while cooperating toward a common goal. Cooking and sharing meals provide moments of intimacy and community. The holiday season is a perfect time for parents, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents to get together and share time with one another.

The holidays also provide the opportunity for children to mirror your positive, generous behavior. Giving back to your community is a great family activity that both develops personal bonds with family members and teaches your child the importance of helping people who are less fortunate. Fostering practice in generosity and kindness will develop healthy habits and strengthen the bond between you and your child while also discovering the joy of helping others.

Use the holiday season to get more interactive family time that can sometimes be overlooked in the everyday routine. Making memories together helps your child grow into their sense of self and their sense of community with family.  Make some cookies, play some games, build a puzzle and eat a great meal! The holiday season is an opportunity like no other to make the most of spending time together.
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