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Dr. Kristi Smith   •   November 10, 2021

Everywhere I look, I see “Now Hiring” signs.  Throughout my career in early education, I have witnessed employee shortages first-hand, but I have never seen anything like the current shortage.  As people are reviewing their employment options, I want to put out a challenge to consider choosing a career in early childhood education.  Modern brain research is showing that around 95% of one’s learning foundation is laid in the first five years of their life.  Neural pathways are literally forged during the pre-school years – preschool teachers are truly brain architects!  Not only does a career in early education make you a brain architect, but you have the privilege of being a sidekick to front-line super heroes by providing their children with a safe and loving place to learn and make friends while they care and protect the people of our communities.

Providing the families in our communities with quality child care and early learning experiences is a noble career.  This has never been as important as in the past months due to COVID and its impact on daily living.  Child care workers, preschool teachers, and others in the early care and education field are finally being recognized as essential workers.  Early educators not only provide a place for young children to be while their parents are working, but they create fun and loving environments, for children and adults alike, that can reduce the effects of stress and anxiety.

In true sidekick fashion, supporting first responders by being their young child’s teacher makes you part of a network of super heroes.  You might not have the stomach for being an emergency room nurse or the stamina to be a firefighter, but you can play a vital role by providing a safe and happy place for their children to grow and learn while they are on the front line.  Frontline Heroes often feel guilt in their roles as they sacrifice their own family time for the families they serve.  Guilt spans from feeling inadequate in tough emergency situations to feeling distant from their own families.  As an early education sidekick, the emotional support that you can give to a frontline super hero as they drop off their little one in your care can mean the difference between coping and crumbling – a super power only those in the early education field can experience.

If you have always wanted to make a positive impact in your community… if you have always dreamed of playing at work… if you have thought that tiny humans are entertaining and fun to get to know… if you have admired Robin’s costume more than Batman’s… you would love being an early childhood educator.

Brain Architect 

Provides stimulating experiences that connect neural synapses.

Baby Whisperer 

Able to whip out a bottle at the sound of a whimper.

Game Guru

Can invent an engaging game from anything placed in their hand.

Curiosity Curator 

Sees an inquisitive mind from across the room and can engage a mind warp with a good question.

Tear Jerker

With a lightning-fast tissue can wipe away a tear and impart a smile that will bless a heart.

Magic Maniac

Possesses skill that mesmerizes crowds of tiny humans in an instant.

Captain Kiddie Cook  

Provides super nutrition to keep tiny humans on the grow.

Flash Brush

 Artist extraordinaire who sees young artists develop before their eyes by simply putting a paint brush in their hand.

Wonder Wonderer 

Elicits a spirit of wonder and curiosity simply be asking a good question

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