Character Values

Children's Lighthouse has always included the teaching of character values in its curriculum. Assisting children to grasp lifelong skills such as cooperation, kindness, honesty, diversity and gratitude is a foundation of our success.

Through our infant daycare program, we help babies begin to comprehend basic concepts to build a life upon. The subsequent age group (toddlers) are the perfect age for rapid social-emotional growth…we encourage the concept of friendship. The next age group, the two and three year olds learn even more about values and bedrock skills. Children's Lighthouse preschool kids work on developing emotional literacy, nurturing relationships and supporting cooperative interactions through a variety of activities. In our school age early learning programs we continue to build upon these values and principles.

Our exclusive character values program is an essential part of Children's Lighthouse. By planning targeted activities and modeling desired traits, our children are consistently exposed to enduring values.

Children's Lighthouse targets a different character value to be taught each month across all age groups. These teaching modules include send-home family activities called Character Connections. We encourage parents and children to complete these activities, which are designed to foster discussions about our character values. Emphasizing these values at home helps underscore their importance and enables the child to experience the everyday implications.

Children's Lighthouse continues to develop and improve the character values portion of our early learning curriculum. By weaving permanent, positive ideals through each child's daily schedule we are building solid future citizens of the community.