Lighthouse Pathways™ Approach to Learning
Your Child's Path to Future Success Starts at Children's Lighthouse
Children's Lighthouse is committed to excellence in early childhood education. All children deserve a safe environment that allows them to be expressive and independent learners as they develop in their own learning style. Our Lighthouse Pathways™ approach delivers such an environment by providing opportunities for individualized skill development, group learning, self-regulation, and inquiry-based investigation with a focus on 4 key areas; Confidence, Connection, Continuous Improvement, and Curriculum.
We believe in:
  • Shaping confident, independent children through inquiry-based, hands-on learning.
  • Building positive interactions with highly-trained teachers.
  • Guiding each child as a dignified individual with their own unique set of passions, strengths, talents, and creativity.
We believe in:
  • Being community stakeholders with strong relationships within our schools and the neighborhoods around us.
  • An emphasis on teamwork between school and home is paramount in developing healthy brains, bodies, and best behaviors in children.
We believe in
  • High quality early education provided by professionals who deliver learning experiences to meet the individual needs of each child.
  • Through exemplary character-building values taught in the classroom, our teachers model and instruct the importance of strong social emotional and communication skills.
We believe:
  • Our comprehensive proprietary curriculums provide a pathway from infancy to childhood to prepare children for the real world.
  • At each Children's Lighthouse Early Learning School, children are empowered to become independent and well-rounded individuals within their global communities.
Start Your Child's Path at Children's Lighthouse Early Learning School.
Lighthouse BRIGHT™ supports the development of higher thinking skills through a curriculum designed to build healthy brains at the earliest age.
  • Brain development
  • Research-based activities
  • Integrated skill development
  • Goal focused
  • Heart focused
  • Time rich in individual language experiences
Preschool children excel with our Lighthouse CARES™ curriculum featuring The Learning Wall, Learning Lesson Session, Centers That Shine, and 3E: Outdoor Curriculum that involves exploration, experimentation, and exercise.
  • Character-building values for social emotional development
  • Active engagement through exploration
  • Research-based on current early education best practices
  • Embedded content in activities and lessons
  • Skills based on national and state benchmarks
xSTREAM Quest™ is an exciting curriculum based on STREAM labs in a Questing Studio where Questers earn Solo, Team, Community, and Outdoor Cog Badges on a path to becoming a Quest Master. In the process, they learn using their higher-level thinking skills in creative ways.
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Reading
  • Engineering
  • Art
  • Math
Questers follow the Mind Quest Path:
  • Choose a Challenge
  • Choose a Mission
  • Search for other Quest partners
  • Design a Mission using their Chronicle Log
  • Execute their Mission to earn a Cog Badge
  • Celebrate Challenge successes!
Campers expand their horizons, embark on new adventures, and most importantly - have fun! Our exceptional program and dedicated staff create a summer experience that is unforgettable!
Weekly Themes Include:
  • Nature expeditions
  • Creative arts
  • Group activities and special events
  • Cooking classes
  • Science projects
  • Reading & writing activities
  • Experimentation and technology
  • Field trips
  • Engineering and math exploration
  • Journaling activities
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