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Hello! My name is Jahnavi Patel and Welcome to Childrens Lighthouse of Apex! We are thrilled and excited to be part of the community and look forward to serving our families.

Our Story

Education and character values coupled with a fun and nurturing environment from a very early age were the driving forces in our growing years and critical factors in our personal and professional success. My mom took pride in giving back to our community through education. My husband also grew up in a family of educators. Our extended family also has always given utmost importance to education and early child development.

Fast forward, when our son, Reyansh (currently 8 years old), came into our lives, we had the set high expectations as parents regarding his overall development. Concurrently, as professionals, we went through struggles of balancing desired child development and career demands. Our efforts to find the right fit of mode of care and learning, resulted in our son experiencing two nannies and attending five different preschools. We realized on this daunting journey, the struggle that every parent goes through in quest of a safe and nurturing environment focused on the overall development of a child. We were also so amazed to see how quality early education has a profound impact on little minds. Reyansh still visits some of the amazing teachers that helped instill a passion for learning in him in fun ways.

With these learning experiences, I wanted to start a venture, which can be rewarding in terms of creating a positive impact in people’s lives. With our commitment and passion for education alongside our professional skill sets, an early learning school became the perfect choice. We want to bring all those factors, which we were looking for as parents, under one roof.

Why Childrens Lighthouse?

 Having researched many leading providers, our search stopped with Childrens Lighthouse. We saw an instant alignment in philosophy of quality service and top priority on safety, combined with value based and a family oriented approach. We were impressed by its proprietary and nationally accredited curriculum. Its robust research-based curriculum also includes character values to assist children grasp lifelong skills from an age as young as infants. Further, Childrens Lighthouse emphasizes on qualified staff and continuous training of our team, ensuring motivation and positive attitude to enable collaborating with parents, children and communities.

We as a family strongly believe, “Keep your Eyes on the Stars and Feet on the Ground – Theodore Roosevelt”. With the same positive spirts, we will strive to operate our school with the highest standards to support and serve our families and community.


 I have been fortunate to have a diverse professional background, which has given me the opportunity to work in start-ups to large corporations across the globe and many industry sectors. Having my educational degrees in Physics and Mathematics as well as MBA in both finance and accounting, I have been able to provide a unique prospective to the organizations I have worked for. My husband, Dhaval has an engineering background with close to 20 years of experience including various leadership roles.

 We love to enjoy life’s precious moments with our son whether it’s biking, playing games, learning music together or just talking! We love to entertain and having family and friends around.
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