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Ages 6 Weeks to 12 Years

This location cares for and educates children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old using a nationally-acclaimed curriculum.

Open 6:30am - 6:30pm

We open early and stay open late to easily fit into your busy schedule.

Internet Video Monitoring

Included in the tuition we offer password-protected internet video monitoring to allow you to watch your children learn and have fun. Click here to login and watch.

Security-Controlled Building Access

To help ensure the safety of your children, our building is controlled by an electronic security access system that only allows parents and staff in.

Age-Appropriate Playgrounds

We have three covered, age-apporiate, outdoor playgrounds to keep your child entertained, athletic, and safe!

Zeal for Life

The children take a 45 minute class once a week of ballet and creative movement. This is taught by Miss Shannon who has 20 years of pre-school child development experience. She has taught at Miss Donna's School of Dance during these years and is currently the manager of the Indian Trail location.

Happy Feet

Gross motor skills, muscle tone, physical fitness, two ball sports and various activities enhancing hand eye coordination and brain development are compiled into one action-packed 35 minute class. Based on a building block system, each class will carefully break down all of the elements of different sports, such as soccer, hockey, football, basketball, baseball volleyball, golf, tennis and lacrosse.