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Ages 6 weeks - 12 years
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Children's Lighthouse offers quality care for children 6 weeks to 12 years of age. We believe in building a solid foundation of early learning and have chosen award-winning curriculums for each age group. Our company offers continued support and training to the management and teachers in our schools across the United States. Our philosophy is to deliver the best support systems that will lead to successful implementation of the following curriculums for the benefit of the children in our care.
PreK & APreK
2-5 years old
Character Values
School Age
About the Owners
About the Director
Our Values
Character Values are both modeled throughout our centers and taught in our classrooms. Values such as integrity, respect, responsibility, fairness, honesty, caring, self-control, and citizenship are not only defined but role modeled by management and teachers throughout the day. We believe that we can help strengthen the social fabric of our communities and support parents who want their children educated in a strong culture of these characteristics through teaching these values.
Infants & Toddlers
Birth to 24 month old babies begin to learn about the world from their experiences with the adults in their lives. Our teachers are trained to use the Comprehensive Infant and Toddler Curriculum which was developed specifically for the education of your baby. This curriculum provides everything necessary for a teacher to create a classroom environment that will have a very positive impact on your baby’s growth and development. It is our goal that all infants and toddlers in our program will be supported by loving and kind teachers who encourage their early development.
Lighthouse C.A.R.E.S.℠ Curriculum
Our goal is to nurture the development of each child's full potential - intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically - in an atmosphere of safety and trust.
Character Values Education
Our comprehensive curriculum focuses not only on intellectual development, but also on healthy social and emotional growth through systematic character values education.
Active Engagement
Activities are designed to promote active learning through a "hands on" approach that allows children to explore the world in which they live.
Research-Centered Practice
Learning activities are grounded both in time-honored practice, such as learning through play, as well as in current research findings in the field of neuro-education. "Brain-based" learning strategies, for example, reveal that memory and creativity are enhanced by music, movement, and artistic expression.
Embedded Content
Our fully-integrated curriculum is characterized by thematic units which combine the key skills of reading and mathematics with learning in the content areas of science and social studies.
Standards-based Objectives
Every learning activity is carefully planned to meet or exceed both national and state standards.
Core Values
  • We believe that each child is an individual, with his or her own unique set of strengths, talents, and gifts
  • We believe that every child has a right to excellence in all aspects of early childhood education.
  • We believe in the importance of teaching character values, and more important, in modeling their use in our interactions with children, their families, and one another.
  • We believe in the use of positive discipline strategies that lead children to become self-disciplined.
  • We believe that honest and frequent communication between the school and the home positively impacts children’s success.
  • We believe in the importance of continuing professional development and personal growth through educational opportunities and supportive communities learning.
  • We believe that every teacher and staff member can make a difference in the lives of the children and families we serve.
The school-age classroom is specifically designed to meet the varied abilities, numerous personalities, and complex interest of children ages five through twelve. Based on the Creative Resources Curriculum, our daily plans are organized around exciting themes which incorporate interactive learning in a fun-filled environment. The themes include the culture of Ancient Greece, China, Japan, Rome and themes such as careers, technology, transportation and rain forests. Opportunities to support the development of "Creative Thinking" – the highest level thinking skill in Bloom’s Taxonomy of learning – are also included daily.

Character Value education is included in the "Schoolers" program. Through both modeling and special projects, children develop essential life skills such as cooperation, self-discipline, pride in a job well-done, respect and gratitude. Individual center locations participate in local community projects, such as creating valentines for local children’s hospitals, collecting supplies for Ronald McDonald House, or singing at a retirement center. As the children explore and experience, they establish concrete real- life knowledge that makes learning meaningful.
Character Values
We believe in the importance of teaching character values, and more important, in modeling their use in our interactions with children, with their families and with one another. Helping children develop essential life skills such as cooperation, self-discipline, pride in a job well-done, respect and gratitude is valuable for their future.
Monthly character values are as follows:
Cooperation September
Helpfulness October
Gratitude November
Patience December
Diversity January
Honesty February
Humor March
Responsibility April
Kindness May
These teaching modules will include a send-home activity for the parents. - Character Connections.
About the Owners

Meet the Thomas family

Sheetal and Vishal Thomas share a love for education and attribute much of their personal and professional success to the formal and informal educational opportunities they have been afforded. Their interest in early childhood development started at home, raising their two kids, currently ages 5 and 8. "It was fascinating to learn about the significant influence of a child's early experiences on brain development and character", said Sheetal. They saw the importance of exposing their kids to a variety of learning styles in a safe, nurturing and structured environment to develop each child's unique set of strengths and talents. They also learned first-hand how the presence of engaging teachers and a well rounded program could affect their development. "At times we struggled to balance our kids' development with career demands" added Vishal. These challenges resulted in their kids having to attend 4 different preschools over a period of 6 years.

Along the way they met many parents facing similar challenges. This prompted them to apply their problem solving and organizational skills towards addressing the unmet child care and development needs. They researched several leading providers and finally decided on Childrens Lighthouse due to a common shared vision and complementary strengths. "We are firm believers that character values are the foundation of learning. We were impressed with the Children's Lighthouse proprietary and comprehensive research centered curriculum that focuses not only on integrated intellectual development, but also on healthy social and emotional growth through systematic character values education", said Sheetal. Opportunities for music, movement, technology and artistic expression further enhance the development experience. Childrens Lighthouse provided them the opportunity to leverage a robust core program and enhance it based on the unique needs of the local community. As a result, they plan to offer enhanced support for working parents through 6:30am to 6:30pm coverage, classroom video monitoring for parents, electronic parent communication and before/ after school care for siblings in neighborhood schools.

Having built and managed teams, Sheetal and Vishal understand the importance of attracting, developing and retaining a great team and creating a culture where staff and teachers thrive. Our focus will be on building this team and culture where we role model the values to realize our vision and benefit our families.

We believe our school will enrich the North Raleigh community by providing a comprehensive, high quality offering that will help our kids, teachers and parents thrive. We are delighted by the response we have received from the community so far and we look forward to welcoming you to our family.

About the Owners

Sheetal and Vishal met in high school and moved to the US to pursue graduate studies after completing their undergraduate degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Mumbai, India. After graduating with a Masters degree from Penn State University, Sheetal pursued a career in Quality Management in the electronics industry where she developed deep expertise in process, product and supplier quality. Vishal secured a Masters from Carnegie Mellon University and proceeded with a career in the pharmaceutical industry where he has developed extensive experience in risk management and organizational culture, with a focus on values and business ethics. Between them, they have collective experience of 30 years in positions of increasing responsibility in medium and large corporations. Having lived in the US, India, Japan and the UK; they have developed a deep appreciation for diverse cultures and a global, connected world through extensive travels to more than 20 countries. They plan to apply their rich skill-set and experience towards running a high quality school.

After moving to Raleigh-Durham in 2002 they fell in love with the area and decided to settle down and raise a family. They have been blessed with two children who attend Wake County schools in Raleigh. They also enjoy travelling, cooking and spending time with friends. The Thomas family spends weekends shuttling between soccer games, church, birthday parties and play dates. However, Sheetal adds with a smile "No matter how busy we are, Vishal always finds the time to tend to his fantasy football teams".
About the Director
Tracy G. Lee would like to give you a warm welcome to Childrens Lighthouse Learning Center. Tracy believes that every family is important and will need guidance, holistic development and a nurturing environment to foster learning. She holds a B.A. degree in Sociology and has over twenty years of experience working with families in various settings. Tracy is loyal and dedicated to young children and their families. She encourages self-growth and challenges her staff to be the best. She provides our school with academic and operational excellence.
Tracy is a native of North Carolina and the oldest of two. Her passion for children and families started as a young child while growing up in a small community and a large extended family. Her strong family values will provide the center with a concrete foundation. Tracy has been married to Maurice for twenty-five years and enjoys spending time with her best friend. They have two beautiful daughters, Amber and Haley and an amazing grandson, Iyan. Outside of work Tracy enjoys spending time with family, exploring new foods, hanging out in the TV room and taking mini vacations.

About the Assistant Director

Rachelle Lay Hughes has joined Children's Lighthouse Learning Centers' team as the Assistant Director. With her, she brings 14 years of experience working with children with disabilities and their families. Her experience includes an additional seven years teaching in a laboratory preschool setting as well as mentoring early childhood education majors. She holds a B.A. in Child and Family Development and is currently working toward completing her Master's in Special Education. Her areas of research include Dialogic Reading and Milieu Teaching, both evidence-based strategies for fostering oral language development in children. She is certified as an Infant Toddler Family Specialist for the state of North Carolina in addition to holding a Parent and Family Education certificate. Her strengths lie in curriculum development, planning, and implementation with focus being placed on engaging children in science and math learning opportunities that are authentic and meaningful. In her spare time, she is a regular presenter for annual education conferences and symposia.
Before moving to North Carolina in August, Rachelle was born and raised in Akron, Ohio. She is married to Charlie and has four children. Her youngest, Delaney, is six and in first grade. Little Charlie is 13 and in the seventh grade, while Jackson is 14 and a freshman in high school. Her oldest, Madison, is 19 and attends university in Ohio as a junior in Mechanical Engineering. Together they enjoy family game and movie nights in or going on walks and playing catch together outside. Beach life isn't too bad either!
Established in Ft. Worth, Texas, in 1997, Children's Lighthouse Learning Centers® is the leading values-based educational child care system in the U.S. Children's Lighthouse has been named "Best Places to Work" by both the Dallas and San Antonio Business Journals and has received a Franchise 500 designation by Entrepreneur magazine due to its stability, financial strength, and growth.
All of our employees complete FBI fingerprinting and background checks as well as CPR training and TB testing as required by local regulations. They receive orientation and classroom training during their first few weeks on the job, and they are also required to complete up to 24 hours of continuing education annually. Our buildings have security-controlled access, and each parent is given a unique door code. We have secured internet video monitoring that is overseen by our management at each location and is also available for parents to login online and view throughout the day. Our centers are designed with the hallways as safety corridors for emergencies, and the staff and children participate in fire and severe weather drills regularly to prepare for any such event.